How to Choose the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom

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Homeowners take on remodeling and renovation projects to improve the functionality of living spaces and make the property look better. Outdated features in a home may prevent the owner from getting the full return on their investment. Features that are at least a decade old must be changed to improve the way the living space looks and give the owner better options. With a bathroom renovation, the vanity is often the first element that is replaced. Homeowners review elements for the bathroom when trying to find the best vanity for their new bathroom.

Measure the Space When You’re Installing It

It is necessary to get proper measurements for the bathroom, and the homeowner can determine what fixtures will fit inside the bathroom properly. The contractor can measure the entire space and determine the best location for the vanity and other fixtures if the property owner wants to remodel the entire bathroom. If they just want to install a new vanity, the contractor can determine what size is most appropriate for the bathroom.

Determine If You Need New Plumbing Lines

The contractor can determine if the owner needs new plumbing lines according to the design they want in the property. The vanity design dictates where the plumbing lines should line up to install it properly. If the plumbing lines do not measure up with the new vanity, the homeowner must choose a different vanity or have their contractor relocate their plumbing lines.

How Many Sinks Would You Like?

The total number of sinks determines how much space the homeowner gets with the new installations. The size of the existing bathroom determines if the property owner can get a single sink or double sink for their bathroom design. Couples appreciate a double sin and find that they are far more convenient and give them ample space for each person to get ready every day. They will also avoid congestion in the bathroom that may make one or both of them late for work.

How Hard Is It to Clean the Vanity?

Homeowners want a vanity that is easy to clean. The design determines what degree of difficulty the homeowner faces trying to keep dust and dirt off the vanity and keep their bathroom more sanitary. How the sink is installed could play a role in how difficult it is to clean it. For example, a wall-mounted vanity might make it easier to clean the flooring, the walls, and the entire vanity. If the surface is marble, it is easy to clean and will stay aesthetically pleasing at all times.

Does It Have a Modern Faucet?

A review of newer faucet designs shows the homeowners how to create a new design that is more modern and may including features of designs they’ve seen on their favorite design shows. Copper faucets are a great option for unique styles and add some flair to the bathroom design. With the copper designs, the sink basins aren’t the average selections and may give the bathroom a more elegant look. Some homeowners want something that goes beyond the standard norm and creates a bathroom design that isn’t available in every home. Uniqueness may increase the resell value of the home, too.

How Much Counter Space Would You Get?

Counter space is a must for all homeowners and gives them plenty of room for all their everyday items without creating clutter. Homeowners want a sink design that gives them plenty of counter space that offers room for their toiletries and skincare products.

When choosing a countertop, the owners will look at designs that have double sinks and give them more room. This provides couples with room to get ready every day, and it offers room for storage containers and makeup trays. The best design gives the homeowner everything they need in one installation. When sharing the sink, it is best to measure the counter and ensure that both parties have enough room.

What Color Do You Prefer?

The color scheme for the bathroom must be included in the vanity design, and the color must coordinate properly. The property owner can work with their contractor to find the best vanity that meets their color preferences and won’t present an issue. When reviewing the products, the owner can choose neutrals or colors that match the bathroom walls, shower, or toilet.

They can also choose standard options that they could paint later to change the look of the bathroom. These options won’t present any degree of difficulty later. The property owner can review color swatches when ordering their vanity and ensure that the colors look great together.

Will the Sink Be the Focal Point?

A sink that is used as the focal point must be exquisite and offer something that isn’t a carbon copy of all the other features in the room. For instance, a bowl-shaped sink basin isn’t the standard norm for all bathroom designs.

Or, a different focal point could be your shower wall panels. Check out IglooSurfaces here for some ideas.

The faucet will need to reach into the basin and may be taller than the average faucet. When choosing a vanity as a focal point, it is vital to choose something that is more profound than a traditional installation that draws the eye toward it. Once the property owner has made their selection, they can choose other elements for the room that ties the design together.

Homeowners start a bathroom remodeling project to change the way the bathroom looks and to improve the functionality of the room. When reviewing the newer designs, the property owner needs to find features that make the bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. Many property owners take on a remodeling project to improve the property values and make the property more appealing to potential buyers. The best selections give the property owner a beautiful sink vanity and improve the way the bathroom looks. They can also increase the counter space and offer better storage choices for the owner. A review of updated vanity styles improves the way the bathroom looks and gives the owner a higher resell value.