How to Choose the Right Size of Glasses

woman with glasses

Buying eyeglasses is not as easy as it may sound. Many things can go wrong, especially if you are a first-time buyer. One aspect that many people get wrong is the size. While you can fit glasses from your local store to know which one fits you perfectly, buying online can be challenging. And since many people shop for eyewear online, it is important to know how to choose the right size. So, where do you start?

Learn How to Read and Understand Glasses Measurements 

Before you start shopping, you must understand the numbers and where to find them. For example, if you have old glasses, check the temples, and you will note numbers like 51–19–144. These measurements translate to Lens Width, Bridge Width, Temple length, according to Medium. There is also another common number – Lens Height, which ranges between 32 and 38 millimeters. 

Check Your Old Glasses 

Before you order new eyeglasses, it is important to check your old glasses for measurements. If you have perfectly fitting glasses or sunglasses, then consider using those measurements. You can also try a pair from a friend and see whether their glasses fit you perfectly. Once you find a pair that fits you well, look at the frame, and you will see some figures that will help you get the exact size. However, be sure you know how to read such measurements as any confusion can mess up your order. Always check the inside left temple to find the glasses measurements. 

Measure the Glasses Size With a Ruler

In case you do not find any digits on your old glasses or sunglasses, do not worry. You can take the measurements yourself. In this case, you need to have a tape measure or a ruler. With either of these tools, carefully measure the size of the glasses and record your readings. You can learn how to take measurements online.

Seek Help

If you are shopping for glasses for the first time and do not know how to take the measurements, it is always wise to visit your optician. The expert will help in taking the measurements and will advise you on the right size to wear. Working with an optician is advisable because you can get many things right, including the alignment, the best lenses, and most importantly, a prescription. You will then know the right measurements, which will make ordering the eyeglasses online much simpler.

Order your Glasses 

Now that you have the right measurements, the next thing is to look for a reputable online retailer that offers the best eyewear deals, such as Check if the website allows you to customize your glasses before ordering, for instance, entering the measurements, choosing the frame design, coloring the lenses, coating lens, etc. If any retailer has all these options, then know you are in the rights hands. You should also check the return policy, as well as the delivery time. All these factors will go a long way into ensuring you get the glasses that suit your needs.