How to Build Muscle Mass at Home

man flexing his muscles

Many people wonder whether it is possible to build muscle weight at home. Well, it is possible. There are many success stories of bodybuilders who have never stepped in a gym. This article will list ways to increase your muscles mass at home and how you can build muscles without having sophisticated gym machines such as treadmills and elliptical machines. All you need is to focus and set goals. Here are essential exercises that will help you increase your muscle mass without any equipment at home.

Running and Jogging

While running and jogging may seem easy, it is not. For beginners, it is recommended to start with walking or jogging slowly as this will help set the mood and increase physical stamina, according to Bustle

After a few days, you will have the energy you need to take the next step. When you start running, do it gradually. Start slow and take short distances to get your leg muscles and cardiovascular system ready. As your body adjusts, take longer distances. Running will help you remain physically and mentally fit. It is a primary step towards body muscle building at home. 


Push-ups are very effective when it comes to building upper body muscles. Once you are experienced and flexible in doing push-ups, you can try complex push-ups by leaning on the wall and do push-ups at an angle. As you gain more experience and flexibility, you can work your way using the floor as the starting point, and then do wall push-ups. This type of exercise will help you build your muscles around biceps and triceps.


You can easily do crunches at home, and it will help you increase your muscles in and around the waist. Crunches are not the same as the old sit-ups, they are effective in strengthening your overall core muscle group and more so the abdominal muscles. For starters, 5 to 10 crunches are enough daily. You can gradually increase the number as your body becomes flexible. Within no time, you will realize changes, and you can keep doing more of this. 


Pull-ups are perfect for upper body exercises. This exercise covers all upper body parts such as arms, back, shoulders and chest. If you are a beginner, upright pull-ups can be challenging, and therefore you should start by doing flat pull-ups, and then try upright pull-ups as you become flexible. Later you can try chin-ups as they are suitable for biceps.


Squats are the real deal when it comes to increasing body muscle. This exercise helps your legs and your back. This exercise works seamlessly in building your thighs and strengthens your lower back. 

Quality Meals

Exercising without taking the right food will take you nowhere. Therefore, as much as you are working out at home, you need to know what foods will help you and the right quantities. Also, know what foods to avoid. You can get meal plans for bodybuilders or consult an expert before starting your journey.

Get the Right Supplements 

Many people think exercises and the right diet will increase their muscle mass. While it is true, the process is much easier with the right supplements. Start using SARMs. These supplements will make building your muscles at home not only easy, but also fast. However, you have to be careful as not all supplements works.  

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