How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Img Source - WanderWisdom

Bed bugs are notoriously good at hitchhiking without asking. They are small, easily missed, and can climb effortlessly into your suitcase, on your clothing, or even attach themselves to your bag. Once you have brought them home you’ll find they multiply quickly and they are difficult to get rid of. 

In fact, because they are so good at hiding, it’s best to get your local pest control in to sort the problem out. 

It should be noted that while bed bugs don’t carry disease they will cause you to be itchy and can trigger allergic reactions. They can also cause psychological issues as the thought of going to sleep with them around can be terrifying.

That’s why it’s advisable to take precautions and avoid bringing them home with you when travelling.

Go Plastic

In an environmentally conscious world plastic is not always the first choice. However, you can purchase pale-coloured suitcases made from recycled plastic. That allows you to look after the environment while deterring bed bugs. They don’t like plastic and you’ll find it easier to see them on a pale colour.

Check First

Before you take any luggage into your hotel room, check it. You’ll want to be certain there are no signs of bed bugs. Pay particular attention to any soft furnishings and the joints in the bed, these are their favourite places to hide. 

Keep Luggage Safe

When you bring your luggage in, place it on the hard floor, not the carpet. Bed bugs are rarely found on hard floors. You can then double-check the luggage stand and put your suitcase on it. It’s advisable to keep the case zipped at all times. More importantly, you’ll want to keep your clothing in the case, this reduces the likelihood of bed bugs getting onto it. 

Avoid Under The Bed

Under the bed is the perfect spot for bed bugs and other pests to hide, says NHS. It’s impossible to check it thoroughly. Instead, make sure you don’t place anything under the bed. This is particularly important for your shoes. Ideally, they should be kept on a hard floor or, at the least, an open area of the room.

Reporting Bed Bugs

You don’t want bed bugs in your hotel room and you don’t want to take them home with you. In other words, if you see any sign of their presence, report it to the front desk and demand to switch rooms. It’s best not to have the rooms adjacent as the infestation may already have spread to them.

Returning Home

When you get home you need to take additional precautions. The best thing you can do is to place all your luggage on a hard floor, preferably a pale one. That will give the bed bugs a chance to walk away and for you to see them. You should also put all the clothing straight into the washing machine and, most importantly, dry it on high heat. This is the most effective way to kill any bed bugs that have travelled home with you.