How Can You Get Rid of the Foul Odor in Your Dorm?

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While you’re doing everything like sleep, eat, study, get ready, socialize, and night hangout in one place, it’s natural that some foul-smelling material will be attached to the room’s environment. You should pay attention to how you can give your dorm room a gorgeous look while also smelling good.

A decorated and fragrant room will not only create an appeasement impression in you but will also create a strong bond between your roommates. Also, a comfortable and refreshing environment allows you to spend your day with pleasant feelings.

  • Clean the garbage daily: Garbage things containing moisture start to decompose quickly, which is the primary place for the dorm room’s smell. It’s best to dispose of trash as soon as it is full, and it would be better if you can do it regularly. You can also use scented trash bags if you want to reduce that funky odor.
  • Wash your dirty clothes: If you are involved in sports or physical activities, your clothes are more likely to have a stinky smell and germs. Since laundry is a difficult task, most students show laziness in making it, and that’s why they store it in one corner of their room. These dirty clothes will soon turn your space into an unpleasant atmosphere. So, picking a laundry day every week to two weeks would be a great idea. It’s better if you choose a specific day for your washing routine. We also recommend a hamper so clothes are organized into a consolidated place before they get washed.
  • No dirty bed sheets and towels: Filthy bed sheets and towels can cause many skin problems. Moreover, regular use can give them a gross smell. Towels absorb all the moisture and even dirty sweat from your body. Also, body odors, dead skin, dust can easily be incorporated into bed linen. Wash sheets and towels every two to three weeks to keep them fresh and clean. You can use fabric softeners or any detergent for your daily wash. Make sure that your detergent should not be limited.
  • Keeping the windows open: You can simply minimize your dorm odor just by opening the windows. The circulation of fresh air not only reduces the reeky smell but also gives you some relaxing moments.
  • No smelly shoes: Your stinky shoe is enough for any discomfort or unfavorable situations. Try to keep your shoes and socks clean. If the shoe’s materials are sensitive, then dry it on sunny days to avoid foul odor.
  • Air-freshener: This is an excellent item that aids you in keeping your room scented all the time. They come in different scents at an affordable rate. Just take something you like and make your college dorm smelling good.
  • Dryer sheets: Dryer sheets are efficient enough to absorb foul odors and make your surroundings pleasant. Just put them wherever you want to eliminate the terrible smell. You can use it somewhere about your shoes, socks, fans, or any vent holes.
  • Oildiffuser: Essential oil diffusers can fight against unwanted odor, according to LifeHack. The fantastic fragrance of essential oils provides tremendous health benefits with potential antifungal effects.
  • Humidifier: It’s very natural to develop a damp environment in the dorm as it’s confined most of the time. These conditions are favorable for bacterial growth as well as make your room pretty stinky. A humidifier is a device that helps to add moisture to the atmosphere (more info).
  • Air Purifier: Get rid of bad particles while adding fresh air into the dorm.

These are some practical ways that prevent the foul odor from your dorm room and maintain a perfect and fresh atmosphere in your place. After a long time of class, when you go to your room, a light fragrance with a clean area can make your day to a different level. You can read our full list of advice here.