How Can You Get a Real Estate License in NY?

New York is the land of opportunity for anyone, and the allure of the real estate industry is undeniable. Whether you are charmed by the skylines in Manhattan or the classic brownstone apartments in Brooklyn, you can have a rewarding career as a realtor in NY. However, you must have a practicing license to become a realtor in NY.

The process isn’t complicated, especially with the takeover of online realty courses. Nowadays, you can switch careers easily without seeing the inside of a physical campus. This article will give a breakdown of all the steps to help you become a realtor in the Empire State.

What Are the Prerequisites?

Before embarking on your journey to become a realtor in NY, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. The prerequisites aren’t too strict, making it easy for most people to become realtors in NY. As is the case in almost all states, you must be over 18 years old.

But unlike in other states, the education requirements are lax. You don’t need a GED or high school diploma. However, you must complete and pass the salesperson course offered by the DoS. 

Enrolling in Pre-Licensing Programs

First things first, you must get a solid foundation of real estate concepts and how the industry works. You will learn this in the 77 hours of pre-licensing coursework. The program is thorough, helping you understand more about property valuations, agency relationships, and fair housing laws.

You can study online or attend in-person classes. In-person lessons offer interactivity but aren’t flexible, making it challenging for those with tight daily routines. Online programs offered at RealEstateU are self-paced, which is perfect for employees who want to study without quitting employment.

Proving Your Expertise and Understanding 

The state exam awaits a step that strikes fear in most students. The exam will test your understanding of everything covered during the pre-licensing program. Exam registration and scheduling are done online via the eAccessNY portal.

The exam is timed at 1.5 hours with the pass mark set at 70%. Registering for the salesperson will set you back $15. If you fail, you must repay the fee and reschedule the test. Studying is crucial to ensure that you pass the exam with the required score.

Take your time and study the course material before registering for the test. Find quality exam prep courses to help you prepare for the exam. Some packages come with mock tests to help you get familiar with the main exam.

Find Yourself a Mentor

Passing the state’s pre-licensing exam is no mean feat. So, congratulations if you have passed the exam. You are now one step away from being a relator in NY. A sponsoring broker is a licensed real estate firm that agrees to supervise you during your first two years as a licensed salesperson.

The broker will work as a mentor, helping you acclimatize to the real estate industry. They will take you along when doing property appraisals or writing contracts to help you learn the business side of real estate. 

The final step is submitting a formal license application to the New York Department of State.