How a Single App Improves Home Security

The old smartphones you don’t use anymore that are simply sitting in a drawer somewhere can be used to boost your home’s security. That may sound farfetched, but wait until we tell you about this cool app that turns Android phones into a home security camera. 

What Is the App?

There is a very practical app that breathes new life into devices you don’t use every day. It is called Home Security IP Camera, and you can download it on most Android devices to remotely control the phone through your home internet. 

It can be used anywhere you have Wi-Fi set up, and can be accessed from anywhere that you have a connection to the internet. You will essentially be using one device to control another device.

What Can It Do?

The IP Camera app taps into your droid’s functions, specifically the camera, motion detector capabilities, flashlight, and video streaming. You can control all of these remotely, setting up the phone so that it records audio and video when the motion detector is set off.  

This is great as a nanny cam or a door camera, since the phone (by the power of the app) can record who is in the room or by the door. You don’t have to be anywhere close by, and yet the phone can send you streaming video and audio of the incident. 

You can save money on buying security cameras, nanny cams, and door cams by using a device you already have at home that is sitting around and not being used. Simply set up the device where you want to use it, make sure it has some charge, and download the IP Webcam app onto it. Connect that app with your primary smartphone or web browser and stream video between the two devices using the app. 

Better Security through Modern Technology

This incredible Android app can really step up the level of security in your home. You can rest easy knowing that your child’s room is being monitored and that your home is watched by a security camera that detects motion. You can use the app to set up an alarm through the phone and to constantly stream video in real time. You can even switch the camera to see behind the phone or in front of it- all remotely. Turning on the flashlight remotely lets you see what is happening in the dark, and you may be able to scare away intruders with this remote security function. 

With an IP webcam in your home, you can have a security measure in place that keeps you safe, lets you know what is happening, and sends you video when you want it.