In 2006 Bosnia and Herzegovina made it’s best placing with Hari Varešanović and song Lejla that was composed by Željko Joksimović. Group Regina represented B&H in Moscow, but did you know that they were BHT’s second choice, and they were also accused of plagiarism of this song?

Their first choice was Hari and last Croatian representative Nina Badrić with a duet song “Ne mogu ti reći šta je tuga” or in English “I can’t tell you what sorrow is”. With that song they won famous Radio Festival in Croatia. Here is the song.

Why are we telling you this? Because BHT asked Hari to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina this year in Malmö, but in the end Bosnia, one of the countries that has been in every final since 2004, withdrew.

However, if we trust to Hari’s promise that he will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina next year, they will be back. Is this going to come true? Only time will tell…