The annual reports for the most viewed show on TV are presented here and there in Europe. After Spanish TV rates of the year we have the Swedish and Greek figures published.

In Sweden 2012 was a great year for SVT as Melodifestivalen got 6 out of the 8 top spots in the overall TV rating becoming also the top TV show rated with 4,1 million viewers (the final). Eurovision Song Contest comes 6th with 3,3 million viewers especially when the country has 9,5 million people.

In Greece though the national final didn’t manage to enter the top ten of most viewed programs this year and we don’t wonder why. Though the Eurovision Song Contest final got 7th in the top ten with 59,8% gearing 2,5 million viewers in the monitors on the big night enjoying the 17th position of Eleftheria Eleftheriou. Somehow we feel this will change this year!