ATHENS, GREECE – According to secure information coming to Greece is seriously considering to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest. People around the Greek delegation have two main argument for this decision: First of all they find totally unfair the new rule that says that the organizers should determine the running order of the final and the semifinal. They strongly believe that the fact that the big favorite Austria sang after Greece had an impact on the result and they would have no objective if that has been done after a draw but having this decision made by the organizers is something that they can’t accept.

It is also important to say that the disagreement of the Greek delegation regarding that specific rule was made before the contest when during the Greek national final the host Despina Vandi said that “There is a new rule that says that the running order at the Eurovision Song Contest is not made by a draw anymore but it is decided by the organizers, a rule that we must point out that we don’t agree with”.

The second argument has to do with the jury voting. Greece was never in favor of the 50% jury system and that has been made clear to EBU from the Greek delegation from the first year the juries where introduced but they now say that is the 6th year in a row where there is a very big difference between the televoting and the jury results when it comes to Greece and they can’t find a reason why they should continue accepting this.

2009 Sakis Rouvas 4th in televoting, 13th in juries
2010 George Alkaios 7th in televoting, 11th in juries
2011 Loukas Giorkas feat Stereo Mike 3rd in televoting, 14th in juries
2012 Eleftheria Eleftheriou 9th in televoting, 18th in juries
2013 Koza Mostra feat Agathonas Iakovides almost 6th ranked in tele voting, almost 12,5 ranked in juries
2014 Freaky Fortune feat Risky Kidd 14th in televoting, 19th in the juries

What remains now to be seen is if Greece (a country with one of biggest TV ratings in Europe) will follow the example of Turkey and withdraw from Eurovision till the rules change.

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