• Μαριος Μαυρος 2 years ago

    Oh sorry i was confused with the mis leading article..
    This band actually denied the rumors that it will represent Greece in Stockholm’s EuroVision..
    Ok never mind…Since they are too from Thessaloniki that was tricky to believe that they will go to ESC..
    So the other band that is still rumored to represent my country is rock group too or belongs in another music genre? We will see..
    Although i wouldn’t really want a rock band to represent us at least this year..
    I’m not fond of groups in general..

  • Μαριος Μαυρος 2 years ago

    Oh another rock band..
    This EuroVision contest will definitely be the one that will have the most rock acts ever i guess..
    I might not be fan of rock music myself but i will give them credit if their song is likable & not too heavy hard rock..
    I have no problem at all to listen light soft rock…I really like rock bands like Evanescence,Linkin Park & Nickelback and of course the Queen of the legend Freddy Mercury..
    (The music that i can’t stand of hearing is the hard death heavy metal rock actually..)


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