ATHENS, GREECE – The re established national broadcaster in Greece is now headed by Dionysis Tsaknis, a well known singer, mostly characterised as quality singer not aiming to commercial success, still he is a popular and well respected artist.

Mr Tsaknis, as new TV director general, seems to have an idea for the new Eurovision image of Greece aiming to set it up already for Stockholm’s Eurovision edition: to skip commercial artists over quality artists but still aiming to big names.

It is no secret that he already proposed ideas to begin discussions with singers like Natassa Bofiliou or Eleonora Zouganeli, both young artists, set in the quality camp of Greece and very popular and respected among the Greek audience. My only worry is that those two artists already renounced Eurovision in many of their interviews!

In the end and that’s my personal estimation is that Greece will end up with a singer like Demy, Tamta or Eleni Foureira, as there will definitely be an internal selection (at least for the artist).

In the meantime check those two mentioned girls above (Natassa and Eleonora). Personally I wouldn’t mind see them with a good and “clever” song in Stockholm.

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  1. It almost sounds like he’s underestimating Eleni, Tamta and Demy, which I find awful. They are amazingly talented artists who deserve being shown to the rest of Europe.

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