• beccaboo1212 3 years ago

    I actually kinda like Europond! 😊

  • Peter Mint 3 years ago

    On your comment: “a shock for the eurofans in the country since after 2001 it is the first time that an unknown artist represents Greece in Eurovision.”

    Well, Antique were pretty unknown to Greek fans back then but they finished 3rd, the best place Greece has won up to that year (till then the best place was 5th, achieved with two entries: “Mathima Solfege” in 1977 and “Olou tou Kosmou I Elpida” (personally one of the best entries we ever sent) in 1992). And don’t forget that it was the lead singer of this very unknown duo that won 1st place for Greece some years after. So yeah, I don’t think that an unknown artist is really a bad idea. Yes it sounds crazy to me how a band mixes RnB with Pontus music and in Pontus dialect, but well, folk/pop cusps can be a great success (look Koza Mostra & Agathonas who literally SLAYED in 2013 with their Balkan ska sound). Give the chance to more unique genres to show their power, maybe they will do greater than we expect. And if not, if Greece doesn’t even qualify to the final, 2017 will be a new year and a new chance. At least we would have tried.

    Be positive :)

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 3 years ago

      In all these examples the choice made through national selection dear friend and not from direct internal selection made only by the ERT President