• William Sats 3 years ago

    Internal Selection is a “right” which should be repealed. The meaning of the competition is lost when personal tastes and financial interests are involved. And all these not only for Greece but for all the countries taking part in the competition. Specifically for Greece now, unfortunately, there are always malicious people who undermine the prestige of the country against personal interests. Let the competition be free and open to all and let people choose what they think is the best. What is gonna be done now (IF…) will be a kind of excuse like “Sorry we had problems and we didn’t had time for competition etc, so that’s why we use the “right” of internal selection”, Right???

  • ermionigrblog 3 years ago

    How soon it will be?I mean when exactly the official announcements will be??

  • Αντικομφορμιστής (@nonconformistGR) 3 years ago

    I do hope that Katerine Duska whould go with a song like One In A Million https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5AKzkgdYV8 but i don’t think she will.

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 3 years ago

    dear @BECCABOO it would be wise if you read more careful what we wrote: “The song which is already recorded IS DESCRIBED TO oikotimes.com as the worst tune ever ” it’s not our comment

  • beccaboo1212 3 years ago

    If Oikotimes described Greece’s 2016 entry to be “the worst song ever”, then this means that Oikotimes doesn’t know ANYTHING about music!!

  • Dimi Fanakidis 3 years ago

    O kata ta alla para polu eusebis kurios Tsaknis, nomizo oti den exei dikaioma na bazei ta prosopika tou gousta mprosta, na ekprosopisoune tin Ellada, den einai sugkentrosi tis neolaias tou KKE, eurovision einai