ATHENS, GREECE – With the confirmation of the Greek national broadcaster (NERIT) and it’s interim DT, the country is now gearing up for the anticipating national final, a show which will celebrate the 40 years of Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest and will select it’s entrant and song for Copenhagen amongst 4 acts which will soon be announced.

The main issue for the national broadcaster of Greece is who’s going to take over the production of the show. It seems that MAD TV will be given the outsourcing of the production. The venue for the Greek national final is yet another issue as there is a new venue in the plans the announcement of which is still pending due to availability problems as the organisers need to fix the date first.

The hosts though seem to have been chosen. Like last year Yorgos Kapoutzides (Greek NF host 2006, 2013) will be joined again by famous Greek singer Despina Vandi on the Greek National Final stage.

In the names of the participants so far things go towards four names two of which are highly rumoured amongst the news desks all over the country: Kostas Martakis and Krystalia (former lead singer of group Otherview).