MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The entire Eurovision Song Contest 2009 was for me a chapter named “Sakis Rouvas”. The ultimate Greek Apollo, the biggest star of the country whom I met and greeted for the very first time in my life. It all started with the early announcement of his participation in summer of 2008.

Then the press conference at Athens Hilton proved to be amazing experience for me as I got the one and only amazing photo I have with him (you see it as article photo). Then we had the national song selection with three songs from which we all knew and wanted “This is our night” to win. The clubs in Athens and Thessaloniki was hilariously dancing the song dozens of times during each night.

The Greeks were saying it loudly: it will be Athens 2010. And then Rybak came and stormed it all. But the memories are still nice. We had the chance to see how the video clip made of under the guidelines of Fokas Evangelinos and we also experienced Sakis arrival in Moscow, his rehearsals and his performance at the Euroclub. 7th in the final of 2009 but still first in our hearts!


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