Getting to Understand Custom Made Log Home Kits and Log Cabin Kits in Canada and USA

If you want to stand out among your peers, you may want to consider a log home. They are easy to fix and bring out the creativity in the housing industry. Did you know that there are more than 500,000 log homes in the US? 

The sector is surging rapidly, and you may want to venture soon. Accurate information will guide you. An unplanned structure will lead to catastrophes. You also want a secure place that can accommodate every person in your family. 

You ought to get a detailed approach to securing your creative house. Reach out to experts for consultation. The following article enlightens you about log home kits in Canada and USA and what to consider when using them. 

The Process 

Approach the housing with caution for effective and long-lasting results. Be aware of the following aspects: 

Various types of the Kits 

The US homes more than 800 species of trees, yet no more than 25 species get used to building log homes. Pine, white cedar, and cypress are the most preferred trees by so many Americans. As an owner, you ought to analyze your expectations. What type of home do you want? Will it have specific features to make it more unique? 

It is only from your analysis that you will know what to look for in the accommodation. Perfect results will make you stick out.

There are plenty of kits, each with a distinct feature. How the wood has gotten milled will also influence your decision. Some examples include half-logs and D-logs. They also affect the overall shape of your structure. 

Opt for different notch designs like the Scandinavian one and dovetail. Be creative enough to explore, but stick to the housing rules for safety. See this link to read more insights

The Manufacturer

There are more than 300 companies affiliated with the sector. Choosing one is just as important as your house design. You should research the company’s background to identify its experts. They should be well-educated and show credentials. 

It should also get registered with the Log Homes Association of your locality. Being unregistered automatically discredits their services. 

You ought to stay away from fraud companies since they may have inadequate products that may cause injuries. Clear evidence to identify cons is when their tools have no stamps.

Expect a 10-year warranty from a reputable organization. You may call for on-site assistance or installation service for your structure. Once you agree on the construction, you can comfortably start making your payments. A nearby organization will be quick to reach out, so peruse through your neighborhood firms. 

Click here to see more information.

The Proposal

You have your expectations and found your intended partner, so take a look at their offer. Go through your budget to identify how much you want to spend. Consider maintenance tips for the housing. Opt for the one you can manage comfortably without enduring a financial dent. 

You may call a lawyer to help you identify which offer suits your needs. Some companies offer various types of kits. They may include the wall system, the roof, doors, and windows. Such a package will have you outsource for the foundation and the interior design aspects of the house. Other packages include: 

  • Turn-key 
  • Shell 
  • And dry-in

What to Consider                                                                                                                                              

You may build the home or purchase one. Buying saves you time since you will not get involved with the construction process. Yet, in these two scenarios, you ought to factor in the following instances when trying to find the best log home kits.


The view matters a lot in your selection. Consider your visitors and create a scenario where they can find it hard to leave! Often, people choose a serene location that is meditation conducive. If you are looking to construct, schedule a visit with the company. Inspect the area thoroughly before you start your project. 

No Pest Damage 

Ensure that your wood gets dried before construction. They can also get preserved using solvents to steer them away from pests. If it does not get well treated, expect a few insects roaming around in your house. 

You should check the structure occasionally as well (After every three years). Call on your service providers and ensure they double-check the health of the wood. As its existence goes on, the wood moisture slowly evaporates and may leave some cracks in it. These openings may be habitants to pests which may soon invade your living room! 

Flashing and Rain Water

Improper flashing will leave a pool of water beside your structure. Seek a proper drainage system. 


The stain getting used should be well maintained. Ask for a track record to affirm your housing decision. You should also inspect the exterior part of the timber. If it has a hole wider than 1/16 of an inch, try to stay away from the product. 

The roof 

A hanging ceiling will be vulnerable to weather hazards. In worst scenarios, the cover may allow harsh temperatures to affect the inhabitants of the house. 

Be strict and get a cover that protects the timber. It should also be over-hung (18 inches to 2 feet gets recommended) see this link to find out more

Frequently Asked Questions. (F.A.Q.) 

How much is it? 

Constructing may cost you about $125 to $175 per square foot. If you want to purchase, then expect to fish out $50,000 to even $175,000. 


Follow these steps to find your way in an envied structure. A well-made apartment will attract mental peace and even boost your overall health. It is also an investment that you may get profit if well maintained. If the designs do not come out as expected, you can start again. Happy constructing.