Get Bright and Glowing Skin with Chemical Peels

Amid daily hectic routine, your skin might undergo damage. At such times, chemical peels can come to your rescue and help you in bringing out the radiance of your skin. Dermatologists use the peels to enhance skin appearance. These peels can be utilized in several conditions, and here is a list of some of the common ones:

  • Balancing dry and oily skin- There are a variety of chemical peelsChemical peels which are used for oily skin work by opening the clogged pores and help lessen sebum production. For treating dry skin problems, chemical peels are helpful to shed the flaky and dry top layer and divulge the fresh skin beneath. You can also get formulated chemical peels for a combination of skin for restoring the balance in your skin.
  • Acne scar reduction- Chemical peels are a commonly used method for reducing the scars caused due to acne. They can help you in destroying the dead skin and by unclogging pores to make way for fresh skin. The new skin is smooth and less scarred.  
  • For reducing sun damage- Chemical peels are a great alternative for treating sun damage on your face, neck and hands. These peels will work on the sunspots and reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.  
  • To clear clogged pores- In case you have clogged pores, chemical peels can help you in removing them and also eradicate the obstinate blackheads. Also, they promote cell turnover and you will end up with clear skin.

Know about the different types of chemical peels-

Here are some types of chemical peels which can help you deal with a variety of skin problems.

1. The AHA Enzyme-

The AHA Enzyme peel is enriched with a micro-exfoliating action. This chemical peel can work well with flaky and dry skin and hydrates it. So if you wish to get soft, hydrated and glowing look, thus peel will surely be a wonderful option. 

2. Peel accelerator- 

This chemical peel contains antioxidants, vitamins and can rejuvenate your skin. It has anti-bacterial properties which can help heal skin which is vulnerable to acne.  

3. Ageless peel for treating sun-damaged skin-

This chemical peel reduces the signs of ageing and damage due to sun contact. This chemical peel contains vital vitamins and nutrients, which get absorbed deep into the skin and promote the production of new healthy cells to refresh and revive your skin.

Purple peel for treating pigmentation-This chemical peel is designed to promote skin renewal. This stimulates the exfoliation procedure and can treat heavily pigmented skin. It is also beneficial for skin which is prone to acne. 
So, in case you feel that chemical peels are a good alternative for restoring your skin, then connect with us now for a free consultation at Victoria Laser & Skin Clinic to understand more details and more benefits of chemical peels.