• Olga Period 6 years ago

    I heartily wish him good luck! The performance is sooo good:)

  • Alezandra Golubeva (@aleksptiz) 6 years ago

    I, too, think he is a very impressive artist. All the best, Farid, I think you have a good chance to win!

  • Anastasiya Kravchenko 6 years ago

    this picture is soooooooooo cute) Farid is so sincere on it, don`t know even why. I think he already should win only for it)

  • Nataliya Vinogradova 6 years ago

    Oh, Farid!!! You re so sexy! And also i think you have the best song for ESC 2013! XD))))))))))))))))

  • Violetta Ivanova 6 years ago

    I’ve already seen this video, but this photo with Farid in the dressing room and without his special hairstyle is so cute. And after zillion-skillion times watching of this Farid’s promo, I also can say – there is no doubt in 12 points for AZ.

  • Varvara Obolonchykova 6 years ago

    He is good.

  • Vlad Eugen 6 years ago

    Well, I think that he won’t fail to impress the judges and the international audience because he has a really good song, very well written and his voice sounds so good that I can’t see how it could fail at Eurovision.