The stage for the Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 is ready to welcome the ten participants in the grand final of the contest on Friday, June 14th. The official website presented today a photo from the venue (Gdansk Baltic Opera) and the stage designed by Michał Białousz. Here are the facts and figures of the stage this year:

On the stage of the Baltic Opera House in Gdansk there will be a huge screen, covering the whole stage, with 10 back projectors and LED screens that will give a specific atmosphere to each performance.

There will be 280 lights distributed all over the stage that will help as well to create this atmosphere.
The entire structure of the stage weights around 3 tons.

There will be 13 cameras in total across the whole venue (10 in the venue to cover both the stage and the audience, 2 in the Green Room and 1 Towercamera).

The total electricy power needed will be over 200 kW