BELARUS BTRCBelarusian national broadcaster is ready to choose their debut entry for the Eurovision Young Dancers 2013. Valeria Hrudzina (17) and Yana Shtangey (18) are the two finalists for the national selection, the result of which will be made on March 17th as Young Dancers official website reported this morning.

The announcement of the Belarusian national broadcaster is now known: Yana Shtangey aged 18 will represent the country in the upcoming Eurovision Young Dancers competition on June 14th in Gdansk, Poland.

Yana Shtangey was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She also spent her school childhood in that country and became laureate of different domestic and international dancing contests. Then she decided to continue her musical education in Belarus. Yana has been studying dancing in Belarus choreography college in Minsk for three years.

She has already participated in famous ballet โ€œNutcrackerโ€ which is performed by Minsk National musical theater. She collaborated with famous directors and choreographers like Zoria Dusenko, Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky. She was born in Ukraine but lives in Minsk.