It seems that we’ve finally found out, who this year’s funny act is. Funny but containing a lot of quality, which it’s not deniable, for sure. Krista Siegfrids, the one who will represent Finland in Malmö, has decided to greet our webiste with her constant full energy.

#TeamDingDong is becoming bigger and bigger and we might think, that this is so, because of her Amsterdam performance, last Saturday, where she impressed a lot of people there, with her ”OH OH OH OH OH Ding Dong!” everytime, and her good vocals.

Giving lots of interviews, also our team were lucky to spend some time with Krista, and she seems very confident on her song, performance and the atmosphere we can feel, listening to the song. 3 weeks left until our team is heading to Malmö, and we’re ready to spend great moments with Krista and the rest of singers.

Special thanks to Pia Ljungman, from the Finnish delegation, for the chance to get this video, from Krista.