PARIS, FRANCE – We’re ending today our series of interviews of the 2014 French section’s finalists. After Joanna and TWINTWIN, the third French finalist, boyband Destan, has accepted to answer our questions.


Hi guys, and thank you for giving us some of your time. Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves and your background?
Before Destan was even created, we had already been involved in our professional lives as musicians and singers. We met in a studio in Paris. We quickly realized that there was some magic between the three of us. Dean already knew L’aura Marciano (who had discovered and composed the first hits of famous French singer Tal), who agreed on listening to us, and then decided to compose our first album and to introduce us to Universal Music/Mercury. We remember a special Sunday, at the beginning of March 2013, as we were shooting some photos to make a slideshow to go with one of the tracks of the album. L’aura had got in touch with Universal and the track had to be on Oliver Nusse’s desk the day after at 8 :00 am. Mercury called us and wanted Destan to sign the contract right away. That’s all it all began, that was pure madness!

What were your motivations to take part to the French selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014?
In fact, our record label took the decision to pick a song from our forthcoming album and to send it to the selection committee. We knew about this just a week before France 3 unveiled the selected entries. When it was officially announced we were flattered twice, first we had been selected first by our label, then by the committee.

What is your connection with the Eurovision Song Contest?
Since we’ve been candidates, we’ve been developing connections with some fans’ sites. They are passionate people, and their kindness did surprise us. This is so huge that we could not have imagined that would involve us so quickly!

Did you follow the 2013 edition? If so, what did you think?
When we were younger, each one of us had watches some editions with his parents, that’s why we knew the event. We did not watch Malmö 2013 live, but we could watch the different entries on the Internet. All we can say is that if we are lucky enough to be the French representatives this year, the whole Destan Family will be there!

How did you react when you’ve learned you were among the French finalists?
A huge reaction! Learning that great professionals do love your entry, that France wants you in the team for those Olympic Games of Music with the blue-white and red jersey on your shoulders… that’s a chance and a great demonstration of trust ! We’re aware of the honour and the responsibility. If the French public decides we are the one to go to the contest, they should know that we won’t fight for a good placing only! We’ll fight for victory! We are young, highly motivated guys and we realize we have a real opportunity with this song. We’ll do all that’s possible, or impossible (even though impossible is not part of French vocabulary) to seduce the audience and the juries!

Can you tell us a bit more about your song? Have already though of the staging of your entry?
The core of the song is a love affair that boys our age often know very well, were they in France or elsewhere. It tells the story of a girl we’re trying to seduce, but who’s always running away from us, without even listening to us. But we want her, we don’t want some other girl, so we keep trying in order to get noticed by her. We believe one day she will look at us and hear all the love we’re feeling for her. From a music point of view, it’s a pop ballad but a slightly up-tempo one. This type of song fits the Eurovision Song Contest well, with the addition of the originality of some well-known performers who are dominating the charts and the international market.
Another of our goals is to prove that French can be a language used in modern music, as well as English. That’s why the lyrics are bilingual, half French and half English. English will also help other countries to easily understand our entry.

Do you know the two other French finalists?
Not at all. We’ve met them during the recording of the final. They seemed to be nice people.

Are you following the preparations of the 2014 contest? Have you ever been to Copenhagen?
Of course we are! Since we were selected, we do have to get informed about all that the gossiping, all that’s happening around the event, that’s part of our preparation work even if we still don’t know if we’ll be chosen. It’s like rally racing, you need to know the place, the track, the traps, the obstacles in order to do better than the others competitors. As we’ve said before, we are motivated to fight for victory if the French public confirms our ticket to Eurovision. Nothing will be left to chance, so that we can keep being lucky! We’ve never been to Copenhagen, but we definitely feel like visiting the city anytime soon…

Do you have a favourite Eurovision song ?
We do, and it’s « Sans Toi », our entry (smiles)

What message would you like to leave for French fans and readers?
First, to your readers, we want to say that we’re are very impressed to see they are so many people , truly passionate by the great music event. We admire their knowledge of music and of the contest. If we had so many fans in the #DestanFamily, wow that would be great! So if some of them love our song and want to join us, they are welcome @DestanOfficiel @Dean_destan @Killian_destan and @Quentin_destan.

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    New emergent artists of the French pop, Dean, Killian and Quentin a refreshing three-boy band have nothing to envy their English and American counterparts, but the mainstream success which will soon be there. In ancient Persian Destan refers to a legend, an epic poem.

    Written by Olivier Rocher (France)

    Salut! Born just a few days after Marie Myriam's last victory for my homeland (that's a sign), I've been an ESC fan since Zagreb 1990. In late 2013, I was lucky enough to join the Oikotimes team and even attended my very first contest in situ in Wonderful Copenhagen. Then it was Vienna, Sofia, Stockholm and soon it will be Valletta and Kiev. More to come...