OIKOTIMES GENERIC MICROPHONEThe team of oikotimes.com in collaboration with MAD TV are proud to announced that you can watch the show of the Greek National Final 2013 – Eurosong 2013 / a MAD show with free invitations. We give you 50 double invitations through oikotimes.com. You have to sign up in the guest list by adding your name in the comments below. Remember you have to be at the Gazi Music Hall on Monday at 19:30 CET. The show will be broadcast in various ways which you can read here. If you have problem with posting a comment please contact us at info@oikotimes.com



  1. I want to be there, I am soo sad that I can’t go to Greece next week! Good luck for the participants and have a nice evening for all the visitors :)

  2. Thank you for the confirmation, but I just have some questions… What should I do exactly at the entrance of the music hall? I mean which is the proccess to get into it ? And about the time,is it 19:30 CET or 19.30 local time? Thanks again :)

  3. Sorry, Oikotimes, but I was a fool. Of course I cannot take part as I don´t live in Greece. But I promise I will watch Eurosong. Efharisto poli!

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