Everything You Need To Know About Day 2 Lateral Flow Testing

Wherever you are going in the post-covid world, it is important to notice that one’s health should be a thing of security and safekeeping. Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization Director-General, said: “be safe, smart, and kind.”

Countries all have heightened restrictions for Covid-19 compliance, and each country approaches Covid in a different way. In first-world nations like England, they require Day 2 lateral flow testing. With this in mind, we will cover what this new day 2 testing system involves, what steps should be taken, and where to find the cheapest kits. 

Day 2 Lateral Flow Tests: An Overview

The impact of Covid-19 has taken a great toll on many industries and countries. To cope with the pandemic, novel scientific ideas and regulations were put in place to improve public health while minimizing the risk of coronavirus infection.

Everyone who arrives in the UK, whether to visit or return from abroad, must comply with the mandatory day 2 test. This applies to all, whether they have taken the Covid-19 vaccine or not. In any case, all persons who plan to travel into the United Kingdom must fill their passenger location form online before arriving in the UK.

As the name suggests, the day 2 lateral flow testing is a test that must be done on or before the end of day two. It is important to remember that day zero is the day when one arrives in the UK, day one is the next, and day two is the day after that. 

This all means that as soon as someone arrives in the UK, they must immediately get tested. Most airports have their testing centers so that people can get their testing done upon arrival without worrying about doing it the next day. However, although testing centers at the airports are convenient, they are much more expensive. People can do it on the way home from the airport or the next day at any approved testing centre.

What’s Under The Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

Although the Day 2 Lateral flow test is a new testing system in England, it is still basically compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO) categories of testing.

The antigen test is considered one of the most accurate tests to determine if the symptoms they display are indicators of Covid-19. As its name suggests, the antigen test has a fast turn-around time, where results can be acquired as fast as 15 minutes. What this test does is to identify if protein fragments specific to coronavirus are present. This test does not require a sophisticated laboratory setting to be done in a clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital.

The other test is the PCR test (more info). It stands for polymerase chain reaction test, which analyzes one’s upper respiratory system to detect the genetic material. Since February 2020, it has been called the gold standard in Sars-cov-2 detection. Although it has a longer turnaround time, usually 6 hours or so, it provides the most accurate reading of one’s health condition.

The WHO states that any of the two tests can be sought, but they suggest taking both tests so that people can be assured of their health status and make them wary of the following steps to take whenever they test positive or negative.

 Randox Health: Top Provider Of Day 2 Antigen And Pcr Test

The United Kingdom has procured a list of government-approved private providers where one can book a test. However, not all of them are created equal. Some health providers are reported to have unfair terms and conditions, not deliver the test results on time or at all, provide inaccurate and questionable test results, be unresponsive to customer complaints and feedback, and refuse to pay or delay refunds when due.

Luckily, Randox Health has been consistently providing its best health services to its customers. As one of the UK’s largest diagnostics companies, it aided in battling the Covid-19 situation, where it helped set up 80,000 square feet of covid-19 laboratory space and process over 13 million covid-19 test samples.

Even with the new day 2 lateral flow testing, Randox has been consistent and reliable in providing its testing solutions. Based on their website, Randox has provided options for testing at home or their clinic.

The Randox day 2 test (https://covid.randox.com/day-2-test-at-home/) option has the option of having the antigen test, with results obtainable within three hours for as low as £18.95 or the PCR test, with its results available on the next day.

Randox also has a day 2 in-clinic testing, available at airports and city centres in major cities like Belfast, East Midlands, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Scotland. 

Randox Certify: A One-Stop Online Platform

To get the best out of Randox’s services, one must also seek its free online platform. Randox Health’ CertiFly App for antigen testing has been an effective application that helps confirm one’s health status, especially for that availing of the day 2 lateral testing option at home.

The first step is to download the Randox CertiFly App, then register an account based on one’s scanned passport.

Then you can collect your testing kit, wherein the kit includes a swab, extraction buffer tube, waste bag, tube holder, package insert, and test cassette. After following the instructions in collecting a sample, the swab should be placed in a specimen.

Then, one should scan the result through the Randox CertiFly App to receive a certificate sent through email.


In the aftermath of Covid, many testing providers have stepped up to provide testing solutions to get the world back on its feet. So long as the world continues to work around the Covid pandemic, we must exercise steps to keep our bodies free from diseases. Procedures like the Day 2 lateral flow tests are necessary measures that people should follow for everyone’s well-being and one’s health assurance