EDITORIAL – In 2014 the European Broadcasting Union upon decision of the Reference Group and the Host Broadcaster decided to slightly change the voting system of the Eurovision Song Contest, implementing the complete ranking of the songs (1-26) instead of just awarding 1-8, 10 and 12 based on top ten from jury and tele voting.

For some this was an indication of a future voting change which could lead to complete ranking of the songs in the scoreboard on the big night of the final. After all Eurovision voting system changes periodically although the current one (1-8, 10, 12 points) is used for longer term (since 1974).

The Eurofans do have a big question mark over this ranking system. Some say it’s fair because it can really boost countries missing the top ten just for 1-2 spots. Some, though give the example of Poland, a country which won a high position in UK’s public voting but plundered by their jury. On the contrary, an example of “fairness” is Greece 2009, 2011, sources of NERIT claim, as if the 2014 system applied the final ranking of Greek entries would be higher.

Junior Eurovision, the Eurovision brother, was always seen (in my eyes) as a test of changes in the senior Eurovision Song Contest. This year the JESC edition marks 12 years and with a record of participant countries (16), a number which brings us back to 2007 participations level.

This year, JESC Steering Group and Heads of Delegations announced they will not rank the countries from 1-16 but from 1-10 both in tele voting and jury voting. Will this be a test for the senior edition as well?

Well my own conclusion is that: there will be never in our eyes a totally fair voting system neither for Eurovision nor for any other competition show. The thing is simple: since the rules are clear from the beginning and you accept them (therefore you participate), you have to accept the way the voting and therefore the result! It’s just a game, it’s just a show.

You don’t win this year but you will win eventually! And if you never win, who cares? Your country’s music is available through this contest and most of us love those artists no matter whether they rank 1st of 26th in the scoreboard of Eurovision!