• Andrij Fedoruk (@Andrii555) 1 year ago

    And coming back to the essence of your article – the true victims of politics in Ukraine are about 10 000 civilians killed in russion agression against Ukraine, and abou 2 000 000 people who fled from Ukrainian East saving their lives from russia-sponsored terrorists.
    And when you speak about true victims of politics, please do not forget a dozen Crimean tatars tortured to death during and after Russian occupation of the Crimea, and thousands of Crimean refugees from Russian troops!

  • Andrij Fedoruk (@Andrii555) 1 year ago

    It’s a shame that you repeat soviet propaganda cliche about tatars!!! Are you aware – how many nations within the USSR were declared “enemies” and cruelly deported from their native lands? Without food and any personal things… And how many of them just died during transportation in cattle-cars?
    Do you know that Stalin planned deportation of Ukrainians as well?

    • Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) 1 year ago

      have in mind dear that YOUR UKRAINIAN JAMALA was in Sochi for a concert a year before Eurovision. So she definitely allowed Russian authorities to check her passport
      About TATARS read carefully, they were NAZI allies (not that Stalin was better) but don’t present them to me as Saints!

  • Денис Хомяков 1 year ago

    Just inferring obstruction over that last phrase in article.
    Lets imagine 2016 song’s title being fixed, so you can span deportation theme and include greeks and other christians that have been thrown out from Crimea in late 18’s century just for empire needs. Ah, whatever, better back in 20’s century: there were nazi allies across all borderland nations, including russians. There also were soviet heroes, war veterans and partisans across all borderland nations, including crimean tatars, with official heroes like Amet-khan Sultan, Fetislam Abilov, Uzeir Abduramanov and many other amongst 60 thousands of participators. Their families have been deported as well. So, hom much this historian song has got in common with your peremptory statement about nazi allies? Who gave a right to journalists to call whole minority like that, bypassing acquittal in their respect, made long time ago on USSR?