UKRAINE – While Eria presented on YouTube her bid for Ukrainian national selection with the title Ochi, the Creative producer of the Eurovision 2017 Oleg Bodnarchuk made a statement on endorsing ideas for the event: “Dear friends! I thank you for many initiatives over the Eurovision, I got during the last few days from you. I ask all the creative people wishing to take part in a project to send their portfolios, music, visualisation of ideas, as well as other materials to I promise that we will consider them all and approach you, if we are interested!”

BELGIUM – The Voice Belgique participant and 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Ellie Delvaux decided to go to Kyiv under her stage name Blanche which according to her has nothing to do with the character from The Golden Girls. “I really like my first name. But there already are a lot of famous singers out there called Ellie. So I decided to choose a more uncommon name for my work as a singer. Blanche is my third name. My career is about to start now, so page blanche (blank page) describes that very well […] Although I mainly sing in English, I still wanted to keep something typically French, ’cause I love this language and it’s just beautiful.”.

MOLDOVA – With submissions due on January 18th only two songs submitted to TRM for O Melodie Pentru Europa 2017, the show through which Moldova will decide its entry and artist for Kyiv: Che-MD – Faurit in Moldova (Forged in Moldova) and Serj Coston and Sergey Beloff – I’ve been searching. The same thing happened in 2016 when a week before the submissions due only 5 songs were submitted. The Moldovan national selection will have a semi final and a final on February 24th and 25th respectively.

SPAIN – Fruela presented his Spanish version for the #Eurocasting show through which one of the three finalists will get the ticket for the Spanish national Final. You can listen to the song here. You can also read his interview on here.