The excitement of Eurovision in Concert 2013 came to an end after 25 countries plus the guest performances of the hosts and Eurovision 1991 winner, Carola concluded. The venuw was a truly full house with all tickets sold out. The main problem once again was the bad sound in the venue and the bad air-conditioning. The 25 countries were truly happy to be on stage sharing their passion with their fans. Fans came from various parts of Europe ready to unite under the tunes of Eurovision 2013 music.

In previous posts presented the best live performances according to our opinion tonight. In this post you have a complete photo gallery of the event in Amsterdam. The main perception from various fans discussing the songs and performances outside the venue having a smoke or a small chat was that Belarus, France and Ukraine were the top three best performances tonight.

Regarding the hostesses, I was expecting Linda and Marlayne to be very average tonight. On the contrary I am happy to say they proved me wrong as they gave a very good show on stage, also performing their Eurovision entries and past Dutch Eurovision ones. I think the hostesses were a very good choice in the very end.

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