The opening session for media and press representatives took place this afternoon at the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The delegations from 25 countries, EBU’s Sietse Bakker and the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest winner were all there.

The event started with the registration of the press followed by a welcome speech by the Eurovision in Concert 2013 hosts. Then Sietse Bakker got on stage and introduced the event to the media and press representatives. Then all the participants got up on stage and got a big cheer applause from the attendants.

The surprise came from Carola (Sweden 1983, 1991 – winner, 2006) came on stage and performed her Eurovision winner entry. She looked amazing once again. You can read more about that in a following post. In the video below you can see the opening act with the delegations coming on stage one by one and the speech of Sietse Bakker about the event and its necessity.

“It’s about participation and not about the final ranking” said Sietse Bakker referring to the meaning of the trip instead of the trophy itself. The magic of Eurovision is what an artist will make of it after the contest no matter his ranking, concluded.