YAN_5916The 5th edition of Eurovision in Concert 2013 took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on April 13 followed by an after party and including a welcome reception. In this report we evaluate all performances despite the fact that here on oikotimes.com we decided to present live performances and video interviews from the participants we really liked this year.

Let’s start with the hostesses Marlayne and Linda (Netherlands 1999 and 2000 respectively). At first we thought it will be nothing special but in the end and after their warm hosting role and live performances we have to admit that both of them were a great choice for the job!

Carola proved to be a true superstar. Declared by the organizers as Miss Eurovision we agree that Carola inspires the artists, the audience and the media. Some might say the opposite but he had the great honor to meet, chat and fool around with Eurovision 1991 winner from Sweden. An amazing person and an amazing artist although it’s so obvious that she is too old for that. But that’s not the problem because after all these years, after three top five entries (1983, 1991, 2006) Carola is a legend, pure history and no one should care about her rinkles or vocal faults.

The following countries from 2013 contest presented their entries, Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Ukraine.

audience reaction: no one really cared about this entry
oikotimes reactions: well, someone has to end up in the bottom!

audience reaction: the audience gave a warm applause
oikotimes reactions: it’s such a nice entry but during the party night (maybe due to the poor sound of the venue) I am not sure we got so excited with this entry although I admit it’s a very good one.

audience reaction: very warm reception
oikotimes reactions: Alyona gave a very good performance, good vocals and inspiring performace. Not sure audience got in the thrill of “Solayoh” but I think this song builds up day by day.

audience reaction: sound problems forced Roberto to start again and the audience helped out in warm up.
oikotimes reactions: I kinda starting to like this song although I’m trying to see its potential. Roberto though remains a very nice person and he is always kind and very low profiled.

audience reaction: I am not sure audience even noticed this entry
oikotimes reactions: Tragic mistake for Elitsa to perform this song in Eurovision in general as it is a clear copycat of her 2007 entry. Stoyan was in a gig in Belgium therefore we saw half of it actually. I think this entry is kinda doomed in Eurovision 2013.

audience reaction: very warm applause
oikotimes reaction: although this is an old fashioned song and we all know it’s not going to do well in Malmoe, the audience was thrilled and I have to admit Klapa s Mora gave a very professional vocal performance.

audience reaction: a good applause
oikotimes reactions: Birgit is sweet but the song might not be the one that a club line up needs. Nevertheless Birgit was excellent on stage and hope this do well in Eurovision 2013.

audience reaction: audience got really excited
oikotimes reactions: Krista is performing a schlager song, some might say it’s a silly kitsch song. I agree. But what Krista has on stage is the magic touch! She is energetic she is optimistic she is full of positive energy and she deserves a big cheer up just for been amazing herself.

audience reaction: audience got exctatic
oikotimes reactions: very good performance and very professional stage presentation although what is missing from Amandine is the lack of star quality under the stage. Lots of people loved it. Yes, it’s a great and different song for Eurovision 2013 but we all know how these type of entries end up in the scoreboard.

audience reaction: really enthousiastic
oikotimes reactions: Esma and Lozano made everyone party. Lozano is amazing vocally and Esma is rising the termperature on stage with her amazing voice. This duo is very good and mark my words: they will definitely qualify in the final (based on current estimations)

audience reaction: warm applauce by the audience
oikotimes reactions: good performance, good chemistry but the song is not having anything Georgian element in it. It’s a pure Swedish ballad. We truly wonder why should we like this entry under the Georgian flag. If it represented Sweden would be a very good entry though!

audience reaction: big applause both times
oikotimes reactions: after the mistake with the sound the Greek band Koza Mostra and Agathonas got a good reaction in the venue. What we discussed with people in the audience is that no one really conside the song itself as a good entry (rather they consider it a trashy one) but what they all love is the party spirit these guys have on stage. Well it’s a TV show and this is what counts anyway. Lots of people though kept laughing calling this entry “Moldova 2005”. We wonder why…

audience reaction: totally indifferent
oikotimes reactions: well aunt Moran got the stage and performed as if nothing happened inside the venue. well it’s true it’s one of the worst Eurovision entries for Israel. Vocally she might be very good but the artist’s style and the song are totally bad!

audience reaction: warm reception
oikotimes reactions: ok, Marco is kinda hottie but besides that and his good voice there is nothing else to notice about. It might be the fact the song is not a tune for such a gig therefore everyone just applauded the artist and never paid attention to the song.

audience reaction: warm applauce
oikotimes reactions: Ryan is a nice person and you can understand it from his performance. He loves and support his song although it’s kinda indifferent. Ryan aims to proudly represent Ireland in Malmoe but besides his sweet face and confident performance we see no magic and no inspiration.

audience reaction: warm applause
oikotimes reactions: Andrius gave a very professional performance. The song is starting to rise in many Eurofan opinions and I am sure somehow it will do well in the contest. On stage Andrius was alone and he opened the concert night. Maybe a bit nervous but ultimately he got the proper passion to perform “Something” more for everyone!

audience reaction: good reaction
oikotimes reactions: somehow a sweet song, also a good singer. The Maltese doctor and hottie looking like Enrique Iglesias is good on stage although we all understand that he has a very average entry. It might do well in Malmoe but still we only focus on the singer and we tend to forget the tune itself!

audience reaction: very warm reception
oikotimes reactions: Pasha Parfeny must be very proud for Aliona Moon. Excellent voice for the Moldovan representative but please someone to solve the mystery with the title translation! Moldova has a great voice this year and they can really do well.

audience reaction: average reaction
oikotimes reactions: for me, the worst entry in Eurovision 2013 and the worst performance in Eurovision in Concert although we understand Cezar had lots of problems with his earphones. Nevertheless I still don’t understand why and how this song won their national final!

audience reaction: warm reception by the audience
oikotimes reactions: it’s a good song, but it’s not an original song and we will continue shouting about it. Big mistake for EBU to allow this entry to compete. It’s also clear that Russia wants to win this year and they will do anything. Dina gave a very good performance and we have to admit that vocally she is great!

audience reaction: people loved it!
oikotimes reactions: indeed a safe and well staged presentation but still we find Valentina one of the worst entrants in the history of Eurovision Song Contest, but then again it’s just us!

audience reaction: great welcome from the audience
oikotimes reactions: a happy song, vocally not that good though. somehow this song is on the edge to be either in the top or the bottom of the 2013 Eurovision edition. The girls though have great chemisty on stage together.

audience reaction: very warm reaction and applause
oikotimes reactions: it’s the first and only promo trip for Hannah and she asked audience to support her. She keeps smiling she dances a lot, she is energetic and she loves what she does. We are not sure we like the song (yet) but we like Hannah a lot!

audience reaction: they seemd to like it
oikotimes reactions: well it’s totally average and although lots of people like it, we don’t!

audience reaction: great applause by the audience
oikotimes reactions: a truly amazing performance, great vocals and an amazing song!

with special thanks to René Romkes, Sietse Bakker, Olivier Vanhoutte, Olga Salamakha, Katja Black, Yannis Papoutsakis and to our friends Wesely, Douwe, Michael, Louis for having a great time in Amsterdam. See ya all next year guys!


12 points to Ukraine
10 points to Belarus
08 points to Finland
07 points to Moldova
06 points to France
05 points to Lithuania
04 points to FYR Macedonia
03 points to Ireland
02 points to Italy
01 point to Greece


  1. bad reviews of all embarrassment. why not say anything bad sound system? I do not think you are endorsed for a correct opinion. in my opinion, Romania has played very well, as well as Israel. shame for this concert organizers tavern …

  2. Finally some of you have realised this is the worst eurovision website, crass comments, dreadful English and Fotis is so arrogant. This is simply a tool to allow some unintelligent idiots a chance to get close to the action and pretend they are journalists. Useless from start to finish!!

  3. From what i saw the public generally liked the “hot chicks”.Vocally Cezar from Romania was above all and Dina from Russia also sang well.Got my attention Malta,Bulgaria,Macedonia.I also liked the performance of Marco from Italy with his emotional ballad.

  4. what??? i have never read such a shameful result :/

    Israel is the best entry among them and deserve 12 points . San Marino had to mark with 10 points. Ukraine 8 points ..

    i don’t care other songs :P

  5. First of all I would be ashamed to call that a concert.
    And must notice you really should make a good living blogging here, and this is an example from one of your above nonsense comments:
    “indeed a safe and well staged presentation but still we find Valentina one of the worst entrants in the history of Eurovision Song Contest, but then again it’s just us!”
    To me you deserve no consideration!!! And Cezar had and will have a long lasting impact on the stages of great music regardless of your “very pertinent” opinion.

  6. You need to be deaf to say that Cezar had the worst performance of the night. The truth is that he had one of the best in the concert. Many many people and even professionals would agree with me. I don’t know who reviewed the songs, but even a three year old can make better reviews. Get some years and listen again, and again….you know what they say: third time’s the charm. Cezar has the best voice in the competition, one of the best countertenors of our times and a true artist and performer.

  7. Romania’s song is very special and I don’t think that we will win… I’m even afraid that we won’t pass the semi-final… but maybe Europe will give Romania a chance… I really hope so!
    My favourite this year is Belarus! :D

  8. Romanian song is very very special.
    I do not know what criteria you judge but criticism is not justified Cezar has a wonderful voice and song quality is great.I look forward to the final show that some journalists are worthless.I think you should limit yourself to write articles. You can not disregard an artist just because you are journalists. Let the experts to judge such details.  sorry for English not so perfect

  9. Really Oikotimes, Romania is the worst 2013 entry???????????????? I don’t get the point… Are you professional or there are some hidden reasons to say it? It’s My Life is such a spicy, original and daring combination! For sure a disputed one! Cezar’s voice is clear like crystal, warm and stunning and his performance is breathtaking. He gives us goose bumps. Hopefully, the real music lovers and connoisseurs know themselves what they like. They don’t give a damn on your opinion. Pity for you! Regards from a Romanian ESC fan. Good luck Greece! Alcohol is free…..

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