• Nicolas Pretorius 6 years ago

    bad reviews of all embarrassment. why not say anything bad sound system? I do not think you are endorsed for a correct opinion. in my opinion, Romania has played very well, as well as Israel. shame for this concert organizers tavern …

  • Fotis Konstantopoulos reporting from Greece 6 years ago

    @JOHN REDPATH: this is the time of the month u got your period right? hahahaha
    and yes dears romania and israel sucked! love pissing you off! ;-)

  • Giancarlo Cordova Torres 6 years ago

    pienso que en macedonia esma lo hizo totalmente mal , mientras que la cancion que mas me gusto fue crisalide de valentina monetta

  • John Redpath 6 years ago

    Finally some of you have realised this is the worst eurovision website, crass comments, dreadful English and Fotis is so arrogant. This is simply a tool to allow some unintelligent idiots a chance to get close to the action and pretend they are journalists. Useless from start to finish!!

  • Leo Hoxha 6 years ago

    From what i saw the public generally liked the “hot chicks”.Vocally Cezar from Romania was above all and Dina from Russia also sang well.Got my attention Malta,Bulgaria,Macedonia.I also liked the performance of Marco from Italy with his emotional ballad.

  • Orkhan Mammadli (@Orkhan_1990) 6 years ago

    what??? i have never read such a shameful result :/

    Israel is the best entry among them and deserve 12 points . San Marino had to mark with 10 points. Ukraine 8 points ..

    i don’t care other songs :P

  • Lacra Vrincianu 6 years ago

    First of all I would be ashamed to call that a concert.
    And must notice you really should make a good living blogging here, and this is an example from one of your above nonsense comments:
    “indeed a safe and well staged presentation but still we find Valentina one of the worst entrants in the history of Eurovision Song Contest, but then again it’s just us!”
    To me you deserve no consideration!!! And Cezar had and will have a long lasting impact on the stages of great music regardless of your “very pertinent” opinion.

  • Andreea CrisTinna Mihalache 6 years ago

    YOU are stupid!! Valentina Monetta has the best song this year, Cezar it’s different and you still like Greece and Lithuania ?:)))) Come on…GO TO EUROCIRCUS!!

  • Christian Cage 6 years ago

    You need to be deaf to say that Cezar had the worst performance of the night. The truth is that he had one of the best in the concert. Many many people and even professionals would agree with me. I don’t know who reviewed the songs, but even a three year old can make better reviews. Get some years and listen again, and again….you know what they say: third time’s the charm. Cezar has the best voice in the competition, one of the best countertenors of our times and a true artist and performer.

  • Sonia Fișerean 6 years ago

    Romania’s song is very special and I don’t think that we will win… I’m even afraid that we won’t pass the semi-final… but maybe Europe will give Romania a chance… I really hope so!
    My favourite this year is Belarus! :D

  • Tirui George Alexandru 6 years ago

    Romanian song is very very special.
    I do not know what criteria you judge but criticism is not justified Cezar has a wonderful voice and song quality is great.I look forward to the final show that some journalists are worthless.I think you should limit yourself to write articles. You can not disregard an artist just because you are journalists. Let the experts to judge such details.  sorry for English not so perfect

  • Catalina Radu 6 years ago

    Really Oikotimes, Romania is the worst 2013 entry???????????????? I don’t get the point… Are you professional or there are some hidden reasons to say it? It’s My Life is such a spicy, original and daring combination! For sure a disputed one! Cezar’s voice is clear like crystal, warm and stunning and his performance is breathtaking. He gives us goose bumps. Hopefully, the real music lovers and connoisseurs know themselves what they like. They don’t give a damn on your opinion. Pity for you! Regards from a Romanian ESC fan. Good luck Greece! Alcohol is free…..

  • Marcell Fehér 6 years ago

    The worst Israeli song? Are u kidding?