Every year, the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the main events on the European calendar.
Artists, some more obscure then other, compete in a spectacular finale to earn the title of “Eurovision Winner of the Year”. Are you a fan of Eurovision, and have you always wanted to be part of it ? Now here’s your chance !

At the occasion of the World Outgames Antwerp, we organise our very own Song Contest : Eurovision@WOGA.
20 contestants get the chance to be the stars on stage, Thursday August 8 in Antwerpen.

What do you have to do ?
Send us your name, your country of residence, and the titles of 3 Eurovision Songs you always wanted to perform to eurovision@woga2013.org and this as soon as possible. Latest possible entry is on June 10th. Please let us know, if you intend to perform the song live or lipsync. A jury will make a selection to have a wide range of songs from different countries and different times.

As a reminder, some rules:
– The songs have to be part of an actual/past ESC (semi-finals or finals). Preselections don’t count.
– Songs schould be the original ones, maximum 3 minutes, as they were performed at the ESC.
– The maximum people allowed on stage is six.
– One additional person is allowed backstage for dressing, hair and make-up
– WOGA will aim to have songs from 20 different countries on stage, and will select accordingly.
– Contestants that are selected to participate in the final will be informed by June 7th, so they can make travel arrangements.
– Selected participants have to pay a small fee of 50,00โ‚ฌ to cover some of the costs. In exchange you’ll have an unforgettable experience, and you’ll get a souvenir DVD of the entire show.

It promises to be a spectacular show, filled with ESC legends from the past, and with YOU as the brightest star.