Eurovision 2018: first information about budget, tickets, EuroVillage, Euroclub and more…

PORTUGAL – The first information about the Portuguese organisation of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest come from Lisbon. The organisers are dedicated to meet all deadlines and make the most efficient economic and at the same time spectacular Eurovision edition ever. After all it’s the first time the country is hosting the event. According to information given by (surprisingly) we have the first information about the event next year.

First impression is that the budget could reach 20 million Euros. RTP in collaboration with the City of Lisbon and Tourism Chamber will finance the contest. Also the tourist tax will be added in the budget of Eurovision 2018. Organisers do not rule out the Eurovision 2018 budget to reach the one of Baku which was 56,7 million Euros as they expect more than 27,000 people to visit the city due to the event.

Let’s not forget that the city of Lisbon is celebrating its 500 years of influence not only in Europe but also in all continents. The organisers invite everyone to celebrate the desire to get closer and united as this is the future of our culture, a potential invitation to associate members of the European Broadcasting Union members: United States, Canada, China , South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Chile, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Mauritius, Cuba, Oman and Iran. (unlikely though to see one of them entering as on the one had there is not show of interest and on the other hand it needs the Reference Group approval)

Eurovision 2018 will open on April 29th at Praça do Comércio, a space popularly known as Terreiro do Paço which will serve as the EuroVillage a historic enclave, gateway to Lisbon and Europe. The Augusta Street, the main commercial hub of the city, and the Triumphal Arch would crown the opening ceremony, and the Euroclub would be located in the vicinity, raised on the estuary of the River Tagus.

There also a series of efforts to implement ideas for sustainable Eurovision edition with the use of renewable energies. After all the RTP photovoltaic park of 900 panels is a proof of that. During the Eurovision weeks there will be water resources from a rainwater harvesting system.

Regarding the hosts: the female trio formed by Catarina Furtado, Sílvia Alberto and Filomena Cautela could be the option that the RTP might use as int he 2017 national song festival. Eurovision commentator Pedro Granger and former Portugal representative in Copenhagen 2014 Suzy have also expressed their interest for the hosting jog.

By the end of the year the first ticket sales will kick off as it happened with the previous Eurovision editions in Malmö, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

During the semi finals allocation draw on January 2018, RTP will present the theme and sub logo of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

RTP has also hired PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for 10,000 Euros to deliver a study of the economic impact of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest to the city of Lisbon and the country. Although there is still time for national broadcasters to participate, RTP is making plans for more than 40 participating countries. RTP is totally accepting the new EBU rules regarding hosting the event after the drama with Russia and Ukraine last year.

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