The Eurovision 2017 team has been joined by the Creative Producer of the Song Contest. Oleh Bodnarchuk will henceforth work together with Show Producer Stuart Barlow on the creative aspects of the Eurovision in Kyiv.

“For the Eurovision 2017, we are preparing a unique, modern world-class, Ukrainian show. To this end, we have built a team of national and international professionals, who have a long-standing experience in the production of TV shows. Stuart Barlow has been working in the media industry for over 20 years and joined the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Baku, Malmo, Copenhagen, and Vienna. Oleh Bodnarchuk has repeatedly directed the most popular Ukrainian shows, such as The Star Factory and The Voice. Last year, his staging of a performance at the US project America`s Got Talent was a success. The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will fuse Ukrainian and international experience”, says Eurovision 2017 Executive Producer Victoria Romanova. She adds, “The next step in the preparation of the Song Contest is the presentation of the stage design. We are planning to do that in February 2017”.

Stuart Barlow is responsible for the coordination of all creative aspects of show production and content from early planning stages to the live broadcasts of the three shows totalling almost eight hours of live TV. He started working on the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine in October. Stuart Barlow manages the issues of stage design, lighting design, graphic design, show performances and all competition acts at Eurovision 2017.

“I am honoured and excited to work in such a vibrant country. In 2017, viewers will see things that have never been at the Eurovision Song Contest before. They can expect fantastic and creative shows, showcasing the very best of Ukrainian arts, culture and technology. Together with the Creative Director Oleh Bodnarchuk we are developing ideas so that next May we will show Europe and the rest of the world the diversity of the musical, artistic and design scenes in Ukraine“, says the show Producer of Eurovision 2017.

Stuart Barlow is a freelance TV producer with over 25 years of experience in the media industry. He has produced commercials as well as entertainment, late night comedy TV programmes and live broadcasts. Stuart Barlow’s first experience at Eurovision was in Düsseldorf back in 2011. He also took part in the creative production of the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Malmo, Copenhagen, and Vienna.

He is responsible for staging opening and interval acts, as well as performances of special guests of Eurovision 2017. Together with the Show Producer, he is developing the creative part of the 2017 international song contest.

“Nowadays, our country is fully capable of amazing the world with its cutting-edge cultural and artistic potential. To prove it, we will take the opportunity granted by Eurovision. I see my main mission as the director and creative producer of the performing part of the contest in combining traditional Ukrainian elements with modern stage and virtual technologies, as well as in involving leading Ukrainian artists, choreographers, composers, musicians, artists and other show-industry specialists in the production of a unique Ukrainian show – Eurovision 2017”, says Oleh.

Oleh Bodnarchuk is an outstanding director and creative director of large-scale Ukrainian and foreign shows. He worked over such TV projects as the Star Factory, The Voice and The Voice Kids. He successfully proved himself as a director at The America’s Got Talent. He also directed M1 Music Awards in 2015 and Miss Ukraine in 2015 and 2016.

As a reminder, the capital city of Ukraine will host the 62nd international Eurovision Song Contest in spring. 43 countries confirmed participation in the Contest. That is the record number of participants, which was repeated only twice in the history of Eurovision back in 2008 and 2011. Victoria Romanova and Oleksandr Kharebin have been approved as the Eurovision 2017 Executive Producers. The main venue of the song contest next year is the International Exhibition Centre. The Semi Finals of Eurovision 2017 are on 9 and 11 May, the Grand Final – 13 May.