VIENNA, AUSTRIA – On January 26th, Vienna will host the most exciting Eurovision pre-event, most Eurofans love. The Host Insignia Exchange ceremony followed by he semifinals allocation draw. The event will take place Vienna’s City Hall (Rathaus) at 12:00 CET (Host insignia Exchange) and at 13:20 (Allocation Draw). The event will be hosted by Andi Knoll and Kati Bellowitsch. The show will be aired also on the web via web TV.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5
Albania Denmark Azerbaijan Belgium Hungary
FYR Macedonia Finland Belarus Cyprus Moldova
Montenegro Estonia Georgia Greece Romania
Slovenia Norway Israel Ireland Portugal
Switzerland Sweden Russia The Netherlands Poland
San Marino Czech Republic


:: In the Host Insignia Exchange, the Mayor of Copenhagen will hand over the Eurovision keys to Vienna’s Mayor, Dr. Michael Haupl. EBU’s Jon Ola Sand and ORF’s Dr. Alexander Wabretz will attend the event. Dr. Alexander Wabretz and Dr. Michael Haupl will also kick off the second phase of the countdown clock in the main square.
:: In the semifinals allocation draw, 33 countries will be distributed into 5 pots based on the voting pattern between them to avoid neighbour and constant voting between them.
:: In the first semifinal (May 19) there will be 16 countries drawn and in the second semifinal (May 21) there will be 17 countries drawn.
:: After each country announced to their semifinal, a second draw wild determine whether that country will appear in the first or second part of the show.
:: BIG 5 and host country will also take part in the draw as it will be decided in which semifinal these countries will be eligible to vote for the participating countries. BIG 5 & Austria though will not perform as they directly go to the Final.
:: The final running order for the order of appearance of the countries in ech semifinal will be determined on mid March by ORF’s organisers and approved by the EBU’s Reference Group.