Eurovision 2014 TV ratings (Updated)

The weird and false information published on some websites for the Swedish TV rates caused confusion among the Swedish fans. The information posted claimed 20% decrease in the TV rates for the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Sweden. But SVT official numbers refute the publication of the once-upon-a-time “great website” publishing the false news: Based on this it is more or less the same number of TV-viewers in Sweden. In 2013 3.370.000 followed the final and this year is was 3.364.000. A decrease of 6.000 persons! (source:

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest has been the most successful one to date for Australian broadcaster SBS. The contest, which is shown on consecutive nights over the final weekend, achieved a total audience over the entire weekend of 2.7 million.

The best viewing figures were reached on Saturday night, when the second semi final was broadcasted. 1.028 million tuned in for the show in which Australian Jessica Mauboy performed as the interval act. Also, the hashtag #SBSEurovision, used by the station for its coverage of the contest, was trending topic on Twitter in Australia across all three nights.

The Final was watched by an audience between 1.14-1.47 million people with the higest numbers around midnight. This equals a market share up to 73%, which is an enormous increase in viewers. Also the semi finals had huge viewing figures with about 15% in semi final 1 and up to 40% in semi final 2 when Conchita advanced to the final.

The final of Eurovision 2014 was watched by 3,364,000 people, this is 60,000 more people that watched the final of Melodifestivalen 2014. Normally the contest is watched by 800,000 less people than the final of Melodifestivalen. The first semi final was watched by 1,736,000 people, and the second semi final by 1,122,000 people.

A total of 2.18 million people watched the final of Eurovision 2014 in Denmark, the largest amount since Denmark hosted the contest back in 2001. The 1st semi final was watched by 905,000 while the second semi final was viewed by 988,000 viewers. The viewing figures show a huge turn around in Danish fortunes in the contest when the 2007 final was watched by less than 500,000 people.

The 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has broken viewership records in Australia. The Eurovision final and its two semi finals, broadcast in Australia with a 24 hour delay due to time zone differences, reached a combined audience of 2.971 million viewers over the weekend. Commentary of the shows was provided live by SBS personalities Julia Zemiro (who appeared in the video introducing Australia in the second semi final) and Sam Pang. Over the weekend the #SBSEurovision hash tag received over 161,174 tweets with a peak of approximately 1000 tweets per minute during the broadcasts. The#SBSEurovision hash tag was trending at number one across all three nights. Australia also agreed with Europe, voting Austria’s Conchita Wurst and her song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’, Australia’s Unofficial Eurovision Winner with 74,434 votes. Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen came in second with her song ‘Undo’ receiving 53,562 votes, which was followed by The Netherlands’ The Common Linnets with ‘Calm After The Storm’ on 33,990 votes.

The final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Spain was the most watched show in the country that night but ratings are generally at their lowest in years. A total of 5.141.000 viewers tuned in to see the show, which peaked at 6.343.000 during the voting. The ratings are some of the lowest Eurovision has ever seen in Spain. The results are also mildly down on last year when an average of 5.359.000 watched the show.

Viewing figures for Germany increased by 750,000 over 2013, as 8.96 million tuned in to watch the contest. At the peak of the contest a total of 10.81 million people were watching the contest in Germany. The contest was very popular with those between 14-49 year old with 4.48 million watching.

A total of 1.747 million (8.77%) people tuned into RAI 2 in Italy to watch the final of Eurovision 2014. In total across the two semi finals and the final a total 2.697 million tuned in to watch Eurovision. The viewing audience peaked during the voting and the reveal of Austria as the winner. The figure for the final is a fall of 150,000 viewers over 2013 when Italy was represented by Marco Mengoni.

A peak audience of 10.6 million tuned into the Eurovision final at 11pm during the voting. Overall viewing figures averaged 8.79 million people, with is 41.7% of the viewing audience. The figure is an increase of 1.07 million viewers over 2013 when the UK was represented by Bonnie Tyler. The contest was the second most watched of the past decade only being beaten by 2011.

The Netherlands had another year of record-breaking viewing figures for the final of Eurovision. A total of 5.1 million people on average watched the contest up 300,000 over last year, while during the Dutch performance 6.2 million tuned in an increase of over 200,000. Overall in semi final 1 and the final a total of 9.453 million viewers tuned into the contest. This is a dramatic turn around for the Netherlands with an increase in overall viewers of 6.291 million viewers in just 2 years.

2.6 million people tuned in, in France to watch the final of Eurovision 2014. The average viewing figure on the night was 13.4% of the population, however once again France 3 was beaten by TF1 and the final of The Voice which pulled in 6.2 million viewers. This is another year of declines in the French viewing figures for the contest, the figure was down 100,000 over 2013, but now down 1.4 million viewers in the past 2 years.



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