EUROVISION GENERIC SCOREBOARDThe voting for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is about to change a bit after first information reaching from various national broadcasters – awaiting the confirmation and explanations of the European Broadcasting Union. The change will be spotted in the combined voting of jury and public voting.

Up to now the top ten of the jury voting with the top ten of the televoting was combined in order to give each national voting. From this year on the combination of the two voting will take place based on the total ranking of all countries in the jury and public voting aiming to assist countries which somehow and unfairly sometimes misses the top ten.

In the very end there will be no change in the 1-12 points system on the scoreboard.

we are still awaiting further explanations and the comments of the EBU


  1. I love how people complaining about spelling and English writes gobbledegook on their facebook page,people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stonesLast time i saw a hissy fit like that was at making your mind up at the BBC when some people got hysterical when they didn’t get into the studio

  2. I`m sick of the votes between Greece and Cyprus .It is obvious hoax and diminishes The Eurovision song contest as a bad joke.They both should be banned!

  3. ‘then don’t visit it dear’ so that is your professional response. You put this website out there and take no responsibility and take no advice, clearly all you want is to be photographed with the stars and treat your editing as a joke. You clearly just do not get it… put simply, it is like me editing a website in the Greek language and having no regard for the spelling or the grammar and showing no regard for advice from Greek speakers

  4. if only someone who edited this stuff could speak and write English to a high standard, this is just a joke and an insult to my language

  5. I am confused…How can this work? Do that add the two numbers together and the lowest number gets 12pts? second lowest gets 10pts? etc? or do they just use the two sums (positions in each vote) and work out the mean…whoever has the lowest mean gets’ 12pts? second lowest mean gets 10pts? That’s confusing.

  6. why do you make your mind suffer so much?it’s very easy: example
    Greece ranked 7th in televoting
    Greece ranked 19th in jury voting
    combined = 26th / 2 = 13th so not votes

    another example
    Germany = 1st in the voting
    Germany = 10th in the jury voting
    combined = 5th which means 6 points in Eurovision

  7. I think it’s for example! Jury peaks one country in 1st place and public in 18th so there aren’t 12 pts +0 pts but 9,5 middle place!
    So for example if jury gives 12 pts to a country and that country is last at the public but for example jury gives 4 pts to a country and public other 4 pts it would be 6th place middle! In this way :
    4 + 4 PTS = 8 pts (2nd better country)
    12 + 0 = 12 pts (Better country)

    With New method:
    1st place + 18th place = 9,5th middle place (2nd better country)
    6 th place + 6 th place = 6th place middle (better country)

    So the second one will be better than the 1st. That’s the advantage of this method!
    I hope have help you :x With my bad english!

  8. Does it mean that for example jury gave 120 points, televoting give 50 points, so total 170 points. Please someone, explain me with an example.

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