EUROVISION GENERICThe Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is getting closer and closer and this report targets the Eurostars on the map. Let’s see where are your favourite Eurostars at the moment:

Alyona Lanaskaya from Belarus is currnently rehearsing in Belgrade but she is preparing for the big Eurovision gig in Belgium on April 28 along with the entrants of Romania and Belgium. Afte Lithuania, Dina Garipova from Russia is preparing to attend the Finest Night of Schlager in Sweden on May 3 and 4. Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan is going to Malta on April 26 and 27 while on April 29 he will be in Georgia.

Moldovan entrant, Aliona Moon visited Romania, Belgium, Belarus and Ukraine and will be in Russia on April 28-30. Swedish entrant Robin Stjernberg will be in Russia on April 28. A day before Russians will wlecome the Irish entran Ryan Dolan as well. After Belgium and Greece, Elitsa and Stoyan from Bulgaria will visit International Jazz Festival in Russia till April 26th.

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  1. Η Αλυόνα θα έρθει στις 7 Απριλίου, την ίδια μέρα που το oikotimes ανακοίνωσε ότι θα κάνει ένα euro party? Να υποθέσω ότι η Αλυόνα θα είναι καλεσμένη σε αυτό; Θέλω λεπτομέρειες ΤΩΡΑ!!1

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