Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and the dress rehearsals for the final. In this post we will report you the preparations of the 26 finalists for the grand show tomorrow night. Two reports will be launched in the same post at 14:30 CET and at 21:00 CET which is the jury rehearsal.

The jury rehearsal started and the grand final will simply look amazing. Though I hope tomorrow Petra Mede will know the text by heart instead of reading it from her text cards. Below we have our usual predictions and prediction which might seem to you a bit broad as we really have no clue of what will happen tomorrow.

Vocals: Very good with special characteristic voice
Outfit: Well not my taste but somehow it’s good
Camera work: Good one
Presentation: Static and it fits in the rock sentiment of the night
Reactions: Good ones for an opening song
Prediction: 20-25

Vocals: Somehow he delivers the song as fit
Outfit: Roc style and fits him well
Camera work: Good one
Presentation: Static and facials a bit lost
Reactions: Typical applause
Prediction: 20-25

Vocals: Excellent performance tonight
Outfit: Very good, artistic and funcy fits with the technology behind Aliona
Camera work: Good one
Presentation: Love the graphics depicted on Aliona but hate the dance act
Reactions: Good ones
Prediction: 15-20

Vocals: Good vocals
Outfit: Simple yellow dress for the lead singer but nothing special
Camera work: Very good camera work
Presentation: The best part is when Raquel is walking the catwalk and lights up the yellow light
Reactions: Good ones (Spanish fans are all over anyway)
Prediction: 20-25

Vocals: Good vocals
Outfit: Nice suit and nice black dresses for the female dancers
Camera work: Good one
Presentation: Static Roberto and poweful dance act aside him
Reactions: Good ones
Prediction: 8-15

Vocals: Great vocals and confident performance
Outfit: Excellent latin form with amazing crystals on it
Camera work: I still think SVT could have done better job in this act
Presentation: Nice opening with the disco ball and latin choreography
Reactions: Very very positive reactions
Prediction: 8-18

Vocals: Good vocals not that this song needs some special vocal performance
Outfit: Casual and memorable
Camera work: Good one
Presentation: The team uses the stage in full and seems quite interesting
Reactions: Good ones
Prediction: 15-25

Vocals: Good and pwoerful vocals
Outfit: I really hate this dress
Camera work: Bit fuzzy but seems everyone’s liking it
Presentation: Static although it should be more active. Interaction with the audience
Reactions: Good ones
Prediction: 6-12

Vocals: Nothing special but it’s still Cascada and the song you pay attention to
Outfit: I think I really like it
Camera work: Very very impressive
Presentation: Static opening but lots of stage use as the song progress
Reactions: Very very huge reaction
Prediction: 3-8

Vocals: Good vocals
Outfit: Casual and jeans as if they give a street concert
Camera work: Great camera work
Presentation: Static and concert-alike
Reactions: Big applause here
Prediction: 1-10

Vocals: Excellent vocals
Outfit: Simple and modern in black colour
Camera work: Great camera work
Presentation: Static and artistic, nice graphics with the birds
Reactions: Very big cheer on it
Prediction: 1-10

Vocals: Operatic and high notes seems to have helped Cezar to qualify
Outfit: Extravaganza in a high scale
Camera work: Good one
Presentation: The vampire artistc presentation and dancers in body painting
Reactions: Big reaction
Prediction: 20-25

Vocals: Average vocal performance, that’s true
Outfit: Black classic pop rock fitting Bonnie’s style
Camera work: Great one
Presentation: Great moment when Bonnie lifted on stage
Reactions: Huge reactions in the arena
Prediction: 1-7

Vocals: Good vocals in the overall
Outfit: I really hate it, it’s should make Robin shown more than the dancers
Camera work: Of course it’s the host country, it;s great
Presentation: Dance act on a stage prop which looks very interesting
Reactions: MASSIVE reactions for it
Prediction: 10-20

Vocals: Not singing that much, rather than speaking but the singer is OK
Outfit: Alternative one and looks great on him
Camera work: Simple but nothing impressive, good though
Presentation: Standing props for all of the team looks intersting
Reactions: Good reactions
Prediction: 7-15

Vocals: Excellent vocal performance
Outfit: Simple and effective, ethnic style
Camera work: Excellent
Presentation: Simple using two drummers and nice to watch
Reactions: Huge reactions in the arena
Prediction: 1-5

Vocals: Excellent vocals
Outfit: very nice black suit and love the long hair
Camera work: Very good job on this one
Presentation: Static, simple and great graphics
Reactions: Big reactions for this one! Great ballad
Prediction: 3-10

Vocals: Excellent vocals
Outfit: Great choice
Camera work: Amazing work
Presentation: Excellent idea of presenting Farid’s soul in a box
Reactions: Massive reactions in the arena
Prediction: 1-4

Vocals: Very good vocal performance
Outfit: Love the football player alike tshirts and the kilts
Camera work: Very good in this one as well
Presentation: Dance mood and Agathonas is giving an amazing end to the song
Reactions: Big reactions in the area
Prediction: 5-10

Vocals: Excellent vocal performance
Outfit: I love that creamy white gown
Camera work: Excellent
Presentation: Totally theatrical and well structured
Reactions: Big reactions
Prediction: 5-10

Vocals: Excellent vocal performance
Outfit: I love this glossy greenish suit
Camera work: Very good although as a ballad it was too static
Presentation: Simple and totally fantastic
Reactions: Big reactions in the arena
Prediction: 1-8

Vocals: Very good and confident performance
Outfit: Love the sexy white dress looking like Barbarella
Camera work: Sfae and efficient for the song, needs something more to make it huge though
Presentation: Static performance, totally futuristic
Reactions: Huge reactions
Prediction: 2-8

Vocals: Great vocal performance
Outfit: Love the gown of Sophie and love Nodi’s suit, perfect gentleman
Camera work: Very impressive and nice pyros, graphics accompany the song
Presentation: Not too static but creative enough to gain votes
Reactions: Big reactions this arena for this one
Prediction: 2-6

Vocals: Good enough to deliver the song in best possible way
Outfit: Love leathers on Ryan and dancers
Camera work: Seems more than efficient it helps the song to boost a lot
Presentation: Great combination of modern style with tradition
Reactions: Big reactions for him as well
Prediction: 15-20

That’s it for the jury dress rehearsal. Normally at this point we would like to say to you that we have three potential favourites to win but truly THERE IS NO CLEAR situation. Anything can happen tomorrow night. It’s TOTALLY UP TO YOU. But if you like guessing, try to vote in Europrediction 2013 by and you might be right.

With a small delay the rehearsal begin with the Eurovision theme coming after an amazingly produced intro video. During the intro performance the singers are coming on stage through the bridge we saw in the first semifinal accompanied by thier national flags. They are coming on stage under the running order of performance. With lots of delays the rehearsal of the songs begin. We will summarize the review and we will skip the vocal performance as they will all save it anyway for tonight’s jury rehearsal.

Nice opening by France and the rock performance of Amandine. There might be some people liking it but we cannot seariously see this one in high ranking. Totally British sound-alike song with a tune that made Lithuania qualifying to the final. Spot 2 is pure jinx so we cannot count this one as well to do well. Moldova’s Aliona Moon and Pasha Parfeny are givin once again their best performance which personally I don’t like that much. For sure Aliona will win points due to her voice! Energetic, passionate and provocative (for some) Krista is giving once again a great performance on stage for Finland. Let’s see how the ‘kiss’ will work for them tomorrow night. Camera work is not that great in all songs they probably still arranging the overall planning. Spain was next and they had a very good rehearsal although we all know this will go nowhere (and the Spanish fans are the first to say so).

Coming as a surprise from the first semifinal (although poll said so) Robero is once again giving a good performance for Belgium. Of course nothing could have been changed in the stage presentation. Interesting how this song is loved by almost everyone here. Birgit from Estonia (pregnant to her future baby boy) is once again sweet and a true performer. She is fully supporting her act on stage. Belarus was a deserved qualifier for many in the press / media community. Alyona is all dressed up and gives once again a great and confident performance. Some here say “imagine if this song represented Spain, it could have been a winner”! Malta’s Gianluca Bezzina is next. The song was a well deserved qualifier but we have to admit it, there’s nothing to remember and see here besides the positive energy of the good looking doctor. He is though one of the sweetest persons in Malmoe! Russia got 10th spot (just a personal facial expression here) and Dina gives a good performance although something is missing here. I think this song sounds greater than the singer and it needs a greater personality or celebrity to be performed. I will keep saying that I would never support or vote for a stolen song!

Germany comes after Russia (both favourite in my opinion) and finally Cascada (whether you like it or not) brings much more fresh air on stage than the previous copycat! Glorious will simply look amazing tomorrow night and I know for sure that Germans want to win again tomorrow night. Next was Armenia. Dorians surprised most of us in the press area qualifying. Armenia is surely happy about this and although it’s not our cup of tea, they performonce again with condifence on stage with a simple and effective stage / band-alike presentation. We had the first break and funny video with Lynda Woodruff. Netherlands was next. Superb performance by one of my personal favourites this year. Great performance in my opinion but somehow it seems it has the wrong order of appearance. Romani was next: I will never understand why this trash went to the final. I am sorry Romania! What an amazing performance by this smooth ballad next by the United Kingdom and the living legend Bonnie Tyler. I wouldn’t mind to win at all. Bonnie is very comofrtable with the stage and she was amazing when she cried in her first press conference. We believe in you Bonnie you can make it!

Host country Sweden will get lots of applause in the arena for sure. Robin won Melodifestivalen due to the jury and this is why we have the feeling it will not do anything in the scoreboard. The song sounds nice and would make you dance but I am not sure people want to vote to have the contest again in Sweden! Hungarian entry is also a song that only poll predicted. Totally artistic although I would never download or listen to, Kedvesem worked just fine for Hungary this year. My only note is that ByeAlex is not singing actually! Let’s go to the hot favourite for this year: Denmark! Lots are saying here that Denmark will definitely not win this year but we try to understand why they say so. The stage presentation, the great vocals and the artistic performance with the confetti and the pyros are working great for Emmelie on screen. I am sure she will get it (somehow hard though). One of the best songs this year (for those who have great taste in Eurovision tunes) it’s the Icelandic song. It grows all over every time you listen to it and Eythor is giving a great ballad performance. Sexy and sweet Farid Mammadov is proudly representing Azerbaijan with a song penned by Greek composer and Swedish lyricist. Totally simple, effective and at the same time impressive, artistic stage presentation. They deserve the best and they already rise in poll and betting odds!

The Balkan peninsula is represented this year in the final only by Greece (whatever that means)! Despite the rediculous Greek national broadcaster team behind it, the team of the singers and managmenet are simply working their ass off. Elias Kozas, his band and Agathonas look amazing. What’s amazing is that Agathonas is totally professional and has the biggest role in the performance. The end with the phrase “Geia Mas” touching his moustache is making Europe applauding every time. Big favourite as well, Ukraine is still a song that although is perfectly structured and presented, should not win this contest as we find no real reason to! The performance though is totally amazing and professional but this song if it wins will not do any good to the future of the contest anyway. One more personal favourite and MARK MY WORDS: Italy and Marco Mengoni will amaze you and might get the trophy! Norway’s entry coming after Italy looks really big as it’s a total electronic dance song and with great expectations. Margaret is lookin fantastic and conquers the stage (and the audience tomorrow evening). Georgia was next and Waterfall seems interesting, well structured on stage and of course highly promoted by the SVT organizers. Sweet and well deserved qualifier, Irish entrant Ryan Dolan will give a great end to the competition part of this contest. Sexy, traditional and dancy spirits are all over the stage and the arena. Good luck

So that’s all folks for now. See you tonight for the jury rehearsal a very crucial presentation of all finalists as the national juries cast their votes. Tune in on at 21:00 CET