• Efi 5 years ago


  • trendyhammer 5 years ago


    MANY Apologies Efi, Akis, Yannis & Christos.

  • trendyhammer 5 years ago

    I personally thought that, in terms of the songs, either Russia or Greece were the best,

    Then again, What do I know? lol :)

  • Christos Sotiropoulos 5 years ago

    also, the first 5 winners sang in English! The greek song was the top song sang in its own language, on;y the title was english from which the word alcohol is also greek

  • Yannis Kapa 5 years ago

    Σωστός ο Άκης!

  • Dimaniac ForLife 5 years ago

    The winner of 2008, Dima Bilan, was also barefoot!!
    Μάλλον το ξυπόλυτο style πάει πολύ στους νικητές του διαγωνισμού! ;)

  • Chris Koul 5 years ago

    We give you back those 4 points and you know how to use them!

  • Akis Stratidakis 5 years ago

    “Congratulations Greece, FYR Macedonia didn’t ignore you despite your animosity”???
    You can’t be serious, can you? Those 4 points have come from televoting from Greeks and Albanians who live in FYROM, not the Slavic thieves of the Greek and Bulgarian history

  • Efi 5 years ago

    ”didn’t ignore you despite your enemocity”??????
    excuse me?

  • travelsofsam 5 years ago



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