NICOSIA, CYPRUS – Cypriot media react negatively in the CyBC decision to skip Eurovision 2014 edition due to financial problems accusing the broadcaster that leaves a project like Eurovision and keeps paying for TV programs with no TV ratings and no income revenue.

Andreas Georgalis, composer of Cyprus 2013 entry said: “I am sure some will be very happy we won’t participate in Eurovision 2014. I will be happy though when they stop funding barbarian sports like football or Motor GP and other programs which have no more than 17 viewers… Eurovision brought money last year to CyBC and the national broadcaster spent nothing or almost nothing.

Mario Skordis, former Head of Delegation said that CyBC’s decision was wrong and was taken upon unfounded claims that last year they threw money for nothing. The mistake begins from the perception that Eurovision is just a fest. In countries like Malta, though, it’s a cultural event supported by Ministry of Culture and Tourism Organization. There was never such a support in Cyprus. Some forget that the past few years Cyprus went to the finals (2010, 2012) and earned lot of money from adverstisment, televoting and sponsorships. The main idea is to participate in such an international event which will promote our island to millions of viewers abroad. If so, then we should withdraw from athletic activities since our athletes do not qualify to the finals!

Constantinos Christoforou (Cyprus 1996, 2002, 2005) said that the decision refutes the purpose of the national broadcaster itself. Especially now, during the financial turmoil, the island needs all the promotion we can get from abroad, he said. Public television is not suppose to cut singing, athletics or anything else due to a crisis. The decision reveals that the mentality of those running CyBC is outdated. He concludes: “I am optimistic though, one year of withdraw might bring renewal, change and better future”.


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