BELARUS – The 2017 edition of Slavianski Bazaar took place for 26th year in a row in Vitebsk, Belarus. A country that never hosted Eurovision Song Contest yet is really integrating with the Eurovision stars in all of its aspects. It is worth to mention that the festival was a music tool for previous Eurostars such as Donny Montell, Alyona Lanskaya, Ruslana and Zeljko Joksimovic.

This year Nevena Bozovic from Moje 3 was one of the winners in the festival as she ended up with the third prize in the final of the festival heated by Egor Sharankov and Vlad Sytnyk. Though it was the Croatian representative in Eurovision, Nina Kaljic who scored another trophy as she won the Presidential Prize.

NAVIBAND, Ruslan Alehno and Dmitry Koldun, Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich and Alyosha and Moldova’s SunStroke Project also featured in the festival by performing on stage while the lovely TEO (Belarus 2014) and his wife hosted an amazing backstage show.