EUROSTAR AWARD 2018 – The team of is proudly launching the 2018 edition of our annual Eurostar Award. We have selected nine Eurostar personalities which we think made the biggest impact in the Eurovision world. Therefore, until December 30th you can vote your top three favourite acts.

We have selected the winners of senior and junior Eurovision editions, Netta from Israel and Roxie from Poland. Netta made her impact by her stage showcase of woman empowerment over any kind of harassment while Roxie brought to Poland its first ever Eurovision trophy.

Eleni Foureira although not even a favourite prior to the contest and with many accusations especially for being Albanian managed to bring to Cyprus its first ever best ranking in the contest and conquered the web with her song streaming and views. She conquered Europe with dozen appearances all over the continent.

SuRie from the UK, had to be on the list for her courageous appearance in 2018 Eurovision as she managed to keep it professional during the stage invasion. Brendan Murray from Ireland managed to enter the X-Factor UK semi final with his special voice, receiving triumphant comments from the judges and the UK press.

Madame Monsieur from France made their own impact, dealing with one of the hottest and difficult issues surrounding the social and political life in Europe: Immigration. Not only dedicated their song to a baby girl migrant born on her way to Europe from Africa, but they managed to spot her, find her ad visit her. One of the strongest moments this summer which made news all over Europe.

Gordon Bonello from Malta, is simply the definition of the phrase “Divine Talent”. This man who’s dealing with the production of JESC since 2014, made (not one for us but for most of the people), the best show of JESC ever made. Last November JESC edition amazed everyone, eve those who dislike and disagree with the idea of the show. But it wasn’t just the best JESC show as most people agree that the show was even better than senior Eurovision.

Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic, is a showcase of an artist who besides modelling practiced music in the streets and aside three fact that he derives from a small village and a poor family he made his dream come true. Anyone who has met him can say one thing: her is a great and kind person, despite the media spotlight and the fame he gained the last few months.

Last but not least, Eurovision mogul Philip Kirkorov from Russia made once again an impact in the Eurovision world. This year he got three talented but unknown artists from Moldova (DoReDos) and made the stars in Eastern Europe entering a top ten in the Eurovision daily. What’s more fascinating is that he wasn’t only the man behind the three singers but if you check any video of DoReDos, he is always there to support them either in thee audience or backstage. It’s the first time, Philip was acting as a father figure to a participant.


2007LordiFinland 🇫🇮
2008Dulce PontesPortugal 🇵🇹
2009Dima BilanRussia 🇷🇺
2010Milan StankivicSerbia 🇷🇸
2011Raphael GualazziItaly 🇮🇹
2012LitesoundBelarus 🇧🇾
2013Helena PaparizouGreece 🇬🇷
2014Conchita WurstAustria 🇦🇹
2015Poli GenovaBulgaria 🇧🇬
2016Michał SzpakPoland 🇵🇱
2017Tali Eshkoli & TeamIsrael 🇮🇱