The annual Eurostar Award kicks off and the 2016 edition is finally here. This year we didn’t ask you to propose Eurostar personalities for the nominations due to lack of time so we proceed directly to nominations. You can vote for them here by December 27th. You can vote up to three artists. The nominations are:

From Russia: Sergey Lazarev: We nominate Sergey because he managed to be the first Russian artist who made great impression to the fans who didn’t booed this year during the Russian performance and also due to his achievement to win the tele voting in a time when Russian Flag is subject for many debates across Europe.

From France: Amir Haddad: We nominate Amir for one reason. He managed to bring France in the spotlight of the Eurovision world after many many dark years for his country. He managed to be a hot favourite to even win Eurovision and because he was one of the most friendly personalities in Stockholm to talk to.

From Australia: Dami Im: We nominate this artist because she managed to be perfect on stage, making her home country Australia proud and winning the jury voting.

From Ukraine: Jamala: We nominate Jamala because it’s the woman who brought the trophy back to Ukraine after Ruslana through a difficult and controversial song, as she managed neither to win public or jury voting, she was considered mathematically the averagely best entry in Eurovision 2016.

From Poland: Michał Szpak: We nominate Michał not Jony for his superb vocal performance but also because he turned all the odds upside down and managed to represent his country in Eurovision 2016 where he got weird jury voting (last) and excellent public voting, giving the 8th place in the grand final for Poland.

From Poland: Edyta Gorniak: We nominate Edyta because after 1994 and having a great solo career, obviously not needing any Eurovision promo help, she dared to enter a national selection process.

From Poland: Margaret: We nominate Margaret because due to her bid in the Polish national final she managed to bring Poland in the top of the booking odds, making Poland a favourite to win Eurovision, something which immediately scrubbed when Michał won the national selection

From Greece: Helena Paparizou: We nominate Helena Paparizou not only because she openly declared her interest to represent Greece again but because she had an amazing duet with Sergey Lazarev last summer performing live and releasing digitally the dual version of “You’re the only one”.

From Greece: Demy: We nominate Demy not only because she finally declared publicly her interest to represent Greece but she made a duet with Poli Genova during the MAD VMA 2016 and released the Greek version of the 2016 Bulgarian entry which is simply amazing and does very well in the charts.

From Romania: Ovidiu Anton: We nominate Ovidiu Anton because we consider him a true hero after experiencing the disqualification of Romania from participating in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Ovidiu who won by landslide the Romanian national final, lost great deal of money as he paid everything for his preparation on his way to Stockholm while during that time he was loosing precious time from his family and child which he missed a lot during the promo tour.

Eurostar Award is an interactive voting between the team of oikotimes and its readers. It started in 2007 and includes two phases. In the first phase we ask you to nominate anyone related to any Eurovision achievement (or any other achievement) the current year. The submitted proposals will be taken into serious consideration but they are not determining the final line up of team. In the second phase we present you the final line up, the reasons why we select them and then it’s up to you only to vote and decide the winner.


2007: Lordi (Finland)
2008: Dulce Pontes (Portugal)
2009: Dima Bilan (Russia)
2010: Milan Stankovic (Serbia)
2011: Raphael Gualazzi (Italy)
2012: Litesound (Belarus)
2013: Helena Paparizou (Greece / Sweden)
2014: Conchita Wurst (Austria)
2015: Poli Genova
2016: ?