GREECE 2013 ESC EUROSONG A MAD SHOW GENERICIt was a shock when we all saw the Greek National Final 2012 TV rates last year plundered into 6%! This year MAD TV and ERT managed to return the spirit and after a great show they managed to have good rates:

21,5% watched the show (average TV rating) while ages 15-44 watched it by 29,6%. This means only one thing for Greek National Final 2013! The show was a success. It may not have been the top TV program last night but the viewing rates started to restore after the dreadful results of 2012 NF.

Now let’s see why these TV ratings are considered a success: First of all it is the first time the Greek National Final aired in the actual prime time zone as usually the show begins at 22:00 local time in Greece. This time it started at 21:00 local time. In the ages 15-44 (something that the advertasing market is considering the most) the show was number one in viewing rates (29,6%). In many parts of the show the peak of the rates where more than 35%! What is resumed from the data above is that indeed the show was a success and Eurovision is finally restored in Greece!


  1. Βεβαια και το γεγονος οτι προβληθηκε απο την….ξεχασμενη απο τον Θεό, ΕΤ1… το ποσοστό ειναι επιτυχια…. αφου την εχουμε ξεγραψει απο το πληκτρολογιο μας την ΕΤΕΝΑ….lol

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