When announced as hostess of the show, the Greek media went frantic! Despina Vandi started her rehearsals for the upcoming Greek National Final 2013 and she also started her Tweets. “But I am saying them so nicely why is Yorgos freaking out?” mokes herself on Twitter.

Yorgos (Kapoutzides) is the co-host of the evening and also the man responsible for the text of the show. He is known to the eurofans from the amazing presentation in Greek NF 2006 which was considered one of the best shows in Greece ever.

Greek media are discussing all day the presence of Despina in the national final and everyone is anticipating to see her on stage. She will wear something from her own private collection as she designed her own line last year.

Fire on stage: @foureira ! #eurovision #rehearsals

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Woman Power! Πρόβες πρόβες πρόβες! #eurovision #madgr

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Το αρχείο της .....???? Guess!! #madgr

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:: Aggeliki Iliadi has been treated by the Greek media very badly the past weeks. MEGA Channel and STAR Channel openly accused her song bid as Turkish while the hostess Despina Vandi said with emphasis that “Greek people watch Turkish TV series but they neglect Turkish alleged songs” mocking the comments made by MEGA Channel’s Giorgos Liagkas. The situation with the comments against Aggeliki went sometimes too far especially with this remark although if someone reads history will know that what we call Turkish oriental songs are practically based on ancient Greek and Byzantine music.

:: On the other hand Agathonas Iakovides seems to have made statements against various colleagues of his like folklore singer Mario with whom he is not in the best relations. In some questions by the journalist Agathonas uses his humorist style saying that he doesn’t know when Greece won Eurovision and further more he says if Koza Mostra will not win then only Helena Paparizou can represent the country. Regarding the rumors that he is in big dispute backstage with Aggeliki Iliadi, the photo of the article refutes it all!

:: Thomai Apergi on the other hand seems to be in a personality conflict. She is very confident on the one hand, she is sure she will win on the other hand she states she is in panic. The past few days Thomais is a bit ill and tries to save voice for the show on Monday. Meanwhile Alex Leon and Giorgina seem to be the coolest of them all. Alex, although stressed for Monday has Giorgina on his side a woman who is always smiling and gives positive energy! we just love Giorgina

:: At the same time these things happens, the rest of the guest starts gearing up preparations and rehearse at the Gazi Music Hall. Eleni Foureira (NF 2010) is amongst them as she prepares her act with Ruslana. Ruslana was absolute: no change in my Eurovision choreography – something which caused comments on Greek media – and Eleni Foureira is struggling to learn the choreography as Ruslana arrives on Sunday and needs to find her duet partner ready for the dance act. Watch here the STAR Channel footage from the rehearsals of Kostas Martakis who will duet with Alexander Rybak. In another video by STAR Channel you can see Demy’s rehearsals for the duet with Dima Bilan.

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