RUSLANA & DIMA BILANIt was a very emotional moment last night in Athens. During the Greek National Final, the international guests and Eurovision Song Contest winners addressed to the Greek fans in their own language something which got a huge applause in the venue.

Vicky Leandros & Helena Paparizou
 Despina Olympiou
Helena Paparizou & VEGAS
Dima Bilan & Demy
Alexander Rybak & Kostas Martakis
 Marija Serifovic & Melisses
Ruslana & Eleni Foureira

Ruslana, Dima Bilan, Alexander Rybak and Marija Serifovic spoke in Greek language. Marija called the Greeks her orthodox brothers, Ruslana kept saying “S’agapo” (I love you) to the audience and Alexander Rybak called the Greeks as “wonderful people”. It was a truly unique moment as the entire Europe spoke Greek last night! Alexander concluded with the fact that he loves Greek people because a) they have a heart and b) because they are sexy

Thank you Ruslana, Alexander, Dima and Marija

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  1. When in Greece speak Greek, when in France speak French, when in Sweden speak Swedish, so why is that emotional? They are hardly going to come to Greece and say they do not like the Greeks!!

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