ELIAS KOZASElias Kozas is the leader singer of Koza Mostra, the band which with Agathonas Iakovides won the Greek national final this year and therefore they will represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmoe Sweden. After the grand show and during the afterparty, the Greek entrants for 2013 met with some press and media representatives had a drink and some finger food enjoying the company of friends and Eurovision winner singers.

Only Alex Leon showed up in the after-party while Giorgina seems to have been very sad about the outcome (coming 2nd in the final). Aggeliki Iliadi and Thomais Apergi didn’t even bother to show at the party while Mr Alexander Rybak tried everything he could to avoid the cameras and hide in his room. In the video enjoy Elias Kozas speaking about the triumph tonight in Athens

congratulations to our visitors who predicted Koza Mostra as the winners for 3 weeks now

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