GIORGINA KARACHALIOU & FOTIS KONSTANTOPOULOSThe dress rehearsal for the Greek National Final 2013 started at 15:00 local time. The opening of the show is simply amazing as Despina Vandi (the hostess is welcoming each of the international guests on stage). Alexander Rybak is still at the airport just arrived in Athens.

The dress rehearsal with the four songs began on time. Thomai Apergi with a dress full of stars and an open back and gave a very confident performance. Then Alex Leon and Giorgina went on stage and they had an amazing performance although Giorgina seemed a bit streesed. Vocally though she is amazing. Koza Mostra were next but something happened and the song interrupted in the middle.

Koza Mostra and Agathonas Iakovides stormed the stage with their performance been very confident and happy. Agathonas is in the middle and the four guys come in front of the stage and perform. Aggeliki Iliadi has four men dancers and she is wearing a wonderful white dress. The dancers are dressed though in contradiction with the naked men aside to Giorgina’s and Alex’s song.

International acts open the national final with Ruslana presenting a very new version of “Wild Dances”. Alexander Rybak’s entry is having a great performance, Dima Bilan’s entry is performed perfectly by Demy and Melisses with Marija Serifovic are also amazing. Helena’s “Number One” with VEGAS is also a brand new mic and sounds amazing.

Eleftehria and Ivi Adamou also performed singing their Eurovision 2012 entries in a new mix. Helena Paparizou together with Vicky Leandros are having the best duet tonight with an amazing performance. Despina Olympiou is also performing her Eurovision 2013 entry “An me thimasai”. Listening to it now seems a bit less boring than my first estimation when first heard it. It’s sweet but I am afraid is too weak.

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