EL SUENO DE MORFEOA week after the spanish song for Malmö were chosen, ESDM are already involved, filming the official videoclip for Contigo Hasta El Final. The places where recordings have been taking part are Celorio and Llanes, in Asturias (Spain). Official region site, Celoriou.com reports that, it is an honor for them that, people from all over Europe will be able enjoy watching their beaches and enviroment, as it’s considered a chance to show how that region from northern-Spain looks like.

On December 17th, 2012, live from +Gente, presented by Anne Igartiburu, it was officially announced that ESDM would be representing Spain at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmö, after several days of rumors, on social networks and media. On May 18th, 2013 the grand final of the contest, will take part in Malmö Arena, where Spain is directly classified. ‘Contigo Hasta El Final’ was obectively and equally chosen both by jury and televoting and the band is making an effort to show their talent to Europe, with their performance, which is very promising.

The clip has been guided by Pedro Castro in collaboration with Llanes’ town council. The recordings concluded on Sunday, and it’s expected for the final clip to be presented on coming weeks. We can guarantee that beautiful and amazing beaches, cliffs and an impressive convent will make you to pay attention at the video. Also some shots were recorded on an helicopter.