COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – On January 20th the allocation draw is taking place at the Copenhagen City Hall at 13:00 cet. and will air the allocation draw live. 28 countries split into 6 pots for the two semifinals. The split was made under the voting pattern in each country for the past 10 years to avoid neighbour voting in the same semifinal.

POT 1: Albania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, (Slovenia*), Switzerland
POT 2: Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania
POT 3: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine
POT 4: Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands
POT 5: Austria, Hungary, Poland, San Marino
POT 6: Malta, Moldova, Portugal, Romania

The cases of Sweden, Norway and Israel settled. Sweden will compete in the first semifinals while Norway and Israel in the 2nd semifinal. The Swedish-Norwegian allocation took place due to the effort to avoid Nordic distribution of the tickets to fail and the Israeli decision was based on IBA request.

Each country drawn will also be drawn to the first or second half of the semifinal they are drawn in. This applies for Sweden, Norway, Israel as well.

In terms of BIG 5 and Denmark, Italy requested to vote in the first semifinal and Germany in the second one. The remaining countries will be also drawn to decide in which semifinal they will allow viewers to vote.

Slovenia is also included in the pots although RTVSLO hasn’t yet replied. They asked the EBU permission to respond on January 17th. The 2014 Eurovision Semifinals will include 15 countries each unless Slovenia takes part.

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